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Synonyms for deviate

Synonyms for deviate

to turn away from a prescribed course of action or conduct

to turn aside, especially from the main subject in writing or speaking

to change the direction or course of

one whose sexual behavior differs from the accepted norm

Synonyms for deviate

be at variance with

cause to turn away from a previous or expected course

Related Words

markedly different from an accepted norm

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The second, less-common way to deviate is to ask for a specific amended clearance.
The following code would return a normal deviate to cell A1:
[E]ven a law that is itself just can mandate unjust results in particular cases." He concludes that, "judges are morally permitted to deviate from the law in such cases, which arise in all realistic legal systems." He goes so far as to say: "My position entails, for example, that a federal judge is not necessarily obligated to uphold a ban on late-term abortions even if it has been proven constitutional.
Because of the way economists construct real exchange rates, if the prices of some goods change relative to others, the real exchange rate will deviate from its purchasing-power-parity value even if arbitrage is complete for each and every, individual good.
Al-MUTHANNA, July 28 (VOI) Co Al-Muthanna governor on Monday criticized what he described as political and partisan intervention and pressures that al-Muthanna University is subjected to by some partisan and official sides (without naming them), to deviate the educational process at the university toward political work.
SPEAKING of the Lemon Lounge, Freeze vs Deviate hits there tomorrow evening with heavenly house music from Rob Casson, Andy Currie, Mike Jones (Deviate), Chris Kitchen (Deviate/Tribal Sessions).
His latest effort, I Say a Little Prayer, doesn't deviate much from this formula (there's more sex), nor does it break new ground.
Below 50[degrees]C, the oxygen consumption results deviate from linearity.
Documenting standardized procedures forces managers to think carefully before they deviate from the process, minimizing a company's exposure to risk.
McLean's strategy was clear and did not deviate throughout the process.
"We're talking about propaganda." They explained to their deviate cohorts that "propaganda relies more upon emotional manipulation than upon logic, since its goal is, in fact, to bring about a change in the public's feelings."
Markets can deviate substantially from objective judgment about the future."
The court held that the policy's definition of total disability meant the insured is eligible for benefits if she is "unable to perform the substantial and material duties of her own occupation in the usual and customary way with reasonable continuity." According to the Ninth Circuit, "California law requires courts to deviate from the explicit policy definition of total disability in the occupational policy context where it is necessary to offer protection to the insured when he is no longer able to carry out the substantial and material functions of his occupation."