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Power and sex are inextricably linked, and it's possible that we have eroticized violation, deviancy, and so-called rape culture (such a torrid phrase) by turning their incidence into gossip before we fully comprehend any of it.
Prof Winlow was speaking ahead of the National Deviancy Conference next week.
It also allowed fundamentalists to frame the fight "as one of deviancy versus decency.
Little is known about the relationship between sexual deviancy and psychosis.
Eroticism, Romanticism, and Deviancy are useful dimensions in attempting to examine the meanings, or feelings, individuals might associate with particular sexual activities.
Violent protests erupted this week in several Muslim countries against the American-made movie, which crudely lampoons Mohammed and associates him with sexual deviancy.
Here he seems to be on a quest to offend a nation with a speech he helps to pen (under the influence of illegal substances) which brings up Australia's criminal past and the groom's possible sexual deviancy.
It is certainly a deliciously incongruous place - former magistrates' court and council chamber - to be hearing these tales of urban deviancy in small-town Cumbria.
It is obligatory on the part of the AIIMS authorities to see that no one in the institution shows any kind of deviancy by taking recourse to strikes, protests or demonstrations and he who engages in such activity would be liable for disciplinary proceeding and also for the contempt of this Court," ruled the bench headed by chief justice Dipak Misra.
Redesigned, this edition incorporates chapters on integrating the program with school-wide response to intervention and positive behavioral supports, intervening with girls and culturally diverse students, research on peer-to-peer deviancy effects, monitoring progress and evaluating the program, and working with individuals.
Urge political parties, men of culture and intellectuals to instill in youths the noble universal values, so that they no longer be exposed to deviancy or self-retrenchment and resist the bad habits of consumer's society.
When you're put off by deviancy, your dream job is not at a sex shop.
The program presents anomalies and deviancy in society that are unacceptable and immoral and should be punished according to sharia," Ahmad Qasim al-Ghamdi, Mecca head of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, the religious police, said.
Saudi Arabia has made big progress in fighting intellectual deviancy, compared to other countries hit by terrorism, Prince Naif said.
I would hope that our elected representatives will recognize HB 436 for what it is really all about and reject this latest attempt to define deviancy down.