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learning that takes place as a normal part of cognitive development

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Pyle and DeLuca framed their profiles in relation to contemporary assessment theory, recognizing that teachers' assessment practices fundamentally operated within a sociodevelopmental framework of learning that acknowledged classroom context, social interactions, and developmental learning continuums (Black & Wiliam, 2006; Brookhart, 2004).
The section on developmental learning begins with work by A.S.
The study offers new insight into developmental learning.
The university students also visited Shafallah Centre for Children with Special Needs that provides comprehensive services and care to individuals with developmental learning challenges, their families, and the community.
Thursday: Louis Theroux - Extreme Love (BBC2, 9pm) is an uncompromising report from New Jersey's Developmental Learning Centre for children with autism.
These considerations led to the development of an integrated, longitudinal and developmental learning curriculum.
After years of comprehensive education and social, vocational, recreational and rehabilitation training at the centre, the students with developmental learning challenges celebrated the occasion with their families and friends.
Mary Beth Rosson, Hansa Sinha, Dejin Zhao, John Carroll, Craig Ganoe and Jan Mahar, in "wConnect: Cultivating a Landscape of Online Places for a Developmental Learning Community", describe the tools they are using to seed and build a developmental learning community, including extensions of Facebook and design approaches like participatory design.
Although colleges have worthy intentions to assist and guide people in a developmental learning process about diverse issues, the trainings, as the article suggests, often backfire because of a confrontational approach that hopes to build an empathic response.
It is also important for the teacher to determine how his/her class is moving toward specific academic and/or social/behavioral goals, and then assess the developmental learning outcomes for the students.
Furthermore, counsellors could no longer deliver guidance unilaterally, rather, they would learn with teachers to design developmental learning experiences, to participate in the implementation of programme components, and to provide information on the effectiveness of each components.
Three major themes emerged from students' use of concept maps: 1) factors influencing the map creation, 2) developmental learning process over time, and 3) validation of existing knowledge and construction of new knowledge.
Its principal, a former psychologist who specialized in child development, cofounded TIS in 2000 on the belief that children should be taught according to their developmental learning stages.
Spell's experience that children learn best by absorbing material sequentially through simple exercises that are taught orally, visually, and viscerally, says Wingate-Spell, was consistent with developmental learning theory.
He noted that once educators know the nature of developmental growth (in K-12), they then can establish the conditions necessary to encourage developmental learning. Developmental growth or maturity (personal competence, ego development, motivation, independence, and psychological maturity), not grade point average, predicted critical indicators of adult success (e.g., occupational success, mental health, and adaptation and competence; Miller, 1981; Sprinthall, 1980).
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