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processing a photosensitive material in order to make an image visible

relating to societies in which capital needed to industrialize is in short supply

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The complexity and rapidly changing nature of information technology have presented unique technical challenges to NIST and to the scientific measurement community in developing a sound measurement and testing infrastructure.
Clearly, corporate enterprises are developing a number of options to help prepare for tomorrow.
The joint effort of three national laboratories (Oak Ridge National laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratory) with the Georgia Institute of Technology is developing component evaluation methodology to predict mechanical properties of a casting as a function of the local microstructure.
Few readers have been exposed to records and information in developing countries, where, in many cases, the infrastructure for managing current records has received little or no attention for years, sometimes decades.
The partners in Bill's CPA firm wanted to boost their earnings by developing several industry niches over five years.
The newest player in the TPE business,Advanced Polymer Alloys, is developing grades of Alcryn chlorinated PE alloy that will bond to a wider range of substrates.
First, it is oversimplified, particularly to the extent that it identifies creditors with investors in industrial countries, recipients of capital inflows (net or gross) with developing countries, and the international financial system with the governments (and the central banks) of creditor countries and with the international financial institutions that are held responsible for its smooth operation.
In addition, Ability Resources staff have assisted the Department of Human Services in developing a policy document on long-term care reform.
Celera is primarily a molecular diagnostics business that is using proprietary genomics and proteomics discovery platforms to identify and validate novel diagnostic markers, and is developing diagnostic products based on these markers as well as other known markers.
Given the vision of convergence with schedule as a metric, the effort moved towards developing courses of action to solve the problem statement.
Developing high school curricula and standards requires involving stakeholders, such as teachers, administrators, and industry representatives, in the process and achieving consensus among diverse groups (National Education Goals Panel, 1991; National Council on Teachers of Mathematics, 1989; U.
Developing country institutions can request up to two years of support for program planning and curriculum development in preparation to apply for comprehensive training program support in the future.
Why do you believe that character building -- developing good character -- is essential to youth development?
1) Analyses contrasting 655 women with ovarian cancer and 3,899 controls revealed that ever-users of the pill have a substantially reduced risk of developing any type of invasive ovarian cancer compared with never-users (odds ratio, 0.
THE one who has suggested that animals sometimes have the same rights as people, that the old should be euthanized to divert resources to the young (though he would spare his own infirm mother), that Americans should give away almost everything they possess to the developing world and live themselves like the developing world's poor (Singer donates to charity but he hasn't given almost everything away, as he advised others to do, and won't give to bums on the street).
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