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processing a photosensitive material in order to make an image visible

relating to societies in which capital needed to industrialize is in short supply

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The core issue that needs to be resolved is 'differentiation', or how to differentiate the actions of developed and developing countries.
Badri cited "mistrust" between the developed and developing world which has pushed for wealthy countries to shoulder global warming efforts.
DLA's development of supply chain alliances is the logical evolution of developing strategic partnerships with its suppliers.
Their reframing of the nature of organizations as open systems suggests positive self-organizing change occurs by creating the conditions for persons to engage in dialogue and collaborative inquiry, developing the capacity to use ideas to create locally transformative solutions.
Etuk says years of research on teaching math, student testing, and video game playing went into developing the games.
The airlines of the developing world are being advised by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to bank their stocks of halons--chemicals vital for extinguishing aircraft fires--as the 2010 deadline to cease production approaches.
Having focused for many years on manufacturing-led growth, policymakers across the developing world now recognize the contribution that service exports can make.
Virtually all of these deaths occur in poor, developing countries.
The court thought it clear that TE was not carrying on the normal duties of an agent; it was not selling or developing the property on ME'S behalf, because TE retained all of the profit from development.
Sadly, nearly a decade after Jane's miracle appeared, 2 million children living with HIV/AIDS in the developing world still are waiting for their miracles.
His assertion is supported by the research community's exploration of obstacles or problems children encounter during information retrieval, such as term selection, developing and expanding search terms, and use of truncation and stemming (Abbas, 2001; Bilal, 2000a, 2000b; Cooper, 2002; Solomon, 1993).
Self-assembly and biomimetics -- using the natural systems of woody plants as either the source of inspiration or the template for developing or manipulating unique nano-, micro-, and macro-scale polymer composites via biomimicry and/or direct assembly of molecules.
Consequently, it is now involved in developing the suspension module for an unspecified high-end performance car in Europe.
"We look forward to leveraging GSK's Diseases of the Developing World program by joining the TB Alliance's initiative to combat tuberculosis," said Dr.
Since we believe in developing the hitter's swing in the cage area, we spend much of our time working on tee stations, short toss, flat bats, etc.
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