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Synonyms for developer

a person instrumental in the growth of something, especially in its early stages

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someone who develops real estate (especially someone who prepares a site for residential or commercial use)

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photographic equipment consisting of a chemical solution for developing film

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FileMaker Developer 5.5 (worldwide English version only), is for developers creating custom FileMaker Pro solutions to be used on the Web, across workgroups or as runtime applications.
The bi-annual survey involving more than 600 developers found that of those database developers surveyed, Oracle was the leading supplier of database products.
Super facilitated communication among the early developers by means of an annual invitational conference, by editing publications of the early developers (Super, 1970), and by encouraging informal exchanges of papers and results of research and field tests conducted on the various systems.
Google on Monday said it was offering scholarships to 30,000 mobile developers as part of its commitment to provide training and bridge the skills gap among 100,000 Africans in five years.
Reversing a lower court ruling favoring the developer, the SJC concluded that it was "overreaching" and "contrary to public policy" for a developer to impose a provision that "for all practical purposes, makes it extraordinarily difficult or even impossible for the trustees to initiate any litigation against the developers regarding the common areas and facilities of a condominium."
Accenture describes the developer ecosystem as being comprised of company employees, partners, independent developers and a range of "opportunistic" part-time developers.
The former won an award for the Developer with the Best Customer Service, while Camella won for Best Housing Developer (overall) and Best Housing Developer for the Visayas, and Best Affordable Housing Development for the Visayas for its Cebu City project Camella Riverfront.
The traveling employees not only have Fabric to chat about but also have the larger Twitter story and commitment to developer relations to explain.
Developer: Alternative Capital Invest Gmbh (Branch)
The portal offers a rich set of functionality to help developers leverage the collective power of the community.
By admitting that Windows 8.1 RTM is actually not the final version (as it always has been for previous Windows versions) and still shipping it to hardware makers, Microsoft seems to have made the conscious decision to give priority to hitting its commitments with its OEM partners over its developer community.
Software created by a developer who is employed by a company is owned by that company.
Using WSO2 Developer Studio to deploy Carbon Archives has become a popular approach among our Global 1000 customers, who are implementing their applications and services across a range of on-premises and cloud deployment models
"Developer programs are highly important today and getting even more so,” said Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data Corp.