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lowered in value

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Problems: Currency devalued by 36 percent in six months to 44 pesos per dollar
The State Bank of Vietnam devalued the dong for the second time in seven months.
The head of the central bank of Argentina has downplayed the chances of the peso being devalued.
The central bank has devalued the currency by more than half against the dollar.
The central bank devalued its currency and raised interest rates on Wednesday in order to relieve pressure on the currency and protect the nation's foreign reserves.
In the past, the local currency was devalued several times but exports failed to meet goals.
However, since this decision, the Rupee has become the most devalued currency globally according to data compiled by Bloomberg.
The government had reacted sharply when SBP devalued the currency on July five that caused uncertainty in the market and worried business community.
Then during the Sixties Harold Wilson devalued the pound to less than three dollars.
1 trillion the amount that has left China since August 2015 when Beijing devalued the yuan, Goldman said.
Egypt has devalued the pound as part of reforms aimed at sourcing funds from foreign investors.
CAIRO, Nov 3 (KUNA) -- Egypt's Central Bank (CBE) has devalued its currency following a sudden and sharp decline in the value of the US dollar.
The CBE devalued the Egyptian pound on 14 March by 112 piastres, recording EGP 8.
However, several global organisations continue to insist that vulnerable Nigerians will not be affected if the country's currency is devalued.
China's central bank has devalued its tightly controlled currency by close to 2 per cent to boost exports amid a slowdown in the world's second-largest economy and the recent stock market crash.