deuterium oxide

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water containing a substantial proportion of deuterium atoms, used in nuclear reactors


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Quantification of human milk ingested by the infants was determined by the deuterium oxide dose-to-mother technique using a standardized procedure (International Atomic Energy Agency, 2010).
Validity of deuterium oxide dilution for the measurement of body fat among Singaporeans.
Tritium is another means of getting 'more bang for the buck' in that when combined in small quantities with a similar amount of heavy water (deuterium oxide) in the core of a nuclear device the kilotonnage of the explosion is increased -- i.e.
Sherikar, "Thermostabilizing property of deuterium oxide in haemorrhagic septicaemia vaccine," Indian Journal of Comparative Microbiology Immunology and Infectious Disease, vol.
What is the common name for the liquid deuterium oxide?
The measurement of deuterium oxide in body fluids by the falling drop method.
In their experiments, Pons and Fleischmann pass an electrical current between palladium and platinum electrodes immersed in a flask containing lithium ions dissolved in deuterium oxide -- a heavy version of water made of oxygen and the hydrogen isotope deuterium.
WHAT is the more familiar name for deuterium oxide? | WHERE were the Plymouth Brethren founded?
For [sup.1]H-NMR analysis, we added 20 [micro]L of deuterium oxide, containing 3-(trimethylsilyl)-2,2',3,3'-tetradeuteropropionic acid (TMSP-[d.sub.4]) used as internal chemical shift reference, to 500 [micro]L of the crude urine.
Heavy water is deuterium oxide: The hydrogen in it is the isotope deuterium, which has a neutron and a proton in its nucleus instead of the single proton of ordinary hydrogen.