deus ex machina

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any active agent who appears unexpectedly to solve an insoluble difficulty

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Yet another deus ex machina moment allows "God of Show Business" Irving Cohen, another favorite Short character, to wrest control of whatever narrative is left.
The novelty of this casting attraction quickly dissipates, howeverbecause director Robert Schwentke has a difficult time making the film's perfectly timed disclosures, deus ex machina twists and storytelling convolutions coalesce into a cohesive whole.
But every problem is solved relentlessly by the deus ex machina.
At times, though, it feels as if the central conflict is overextended for the dramatic purpose of allowing a corny deus ex machina at the film's climax.
Deus ex machina Literally: The god from the machine.
And Jane has a hyper-dedicated, deus ex machina English teacher (Kelly Rowan) who appears, literally out of nowhere, whenever Jane needs someone to talk to, but doesn't even necessarily look upset.
Los adeptos al cine de accion protestan por la dificultad del personaje para destaparse ante la provocacion; a los amantes de contenidos sicologicos les exaspera el deus ex machina que impide un desenlace a nivel conflicto dramatico.
He also found ingenious ways to introduce ambiguity into the scripts he was given, to make love stories into "off-love" stories, and to deliver the mandatory happy ending as the ironic kind of deus ex machina that Euripides introduced into classical drama, pleasing to the masses, and utterly unconvincing to the sophisticated viewer.
If the movie weren't based on true events, it would be hard to accept it's seemingly deus ex machina moments but, as they say, truth is stranger than fiction
One of the most notorious flaws of adventure drama Deus ex machina is classically represented by the sudden arrival of the cavalry to miraculously save the hero from certain death.
Then, switching gears, Naderi throws in a maddening audio deus ex machina that denies catharsis.
But hang on - this magic stuff supplies a deus ex machina for every occasion.
Donne (1572-1631), the dean of England's school of metaphysical poetry (``he makes Shakespeare sound like a Hallmark card,'' Jason quips), presides over ``Wit'' like a deus ex machina.
simplemente porque si), el deus ex machina de esta nueva especie de cine se establece en ley de verosimilitud.
Wolf is the script doctor for Quentin as well as the deus ex machina for Sam and John Travolta.