deus ex machina

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any active agent who appears unexpectedly to solve an insoluble difficulty

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The first relates to the state to which the public have assigned the role of deus ex machina. The state has the obligation to educate, care for, employ, provide pensions to, entertain, protect, defend and, in general, cater for all its citizens without exception, including visitors (legal as well as illegal) to the country.
While the device employed is actually quite satisfactory, it is both too closely linked to the deus ex machina and, consequently, naggingly incomplete.
BIKES GOING UNDER THE HAMMER JAMES MAY 1974 Yamaha 49cc FS1-E - PS2,000-2,400 1976 Suzuki AP50 E - PS2,000-2,400 1980 Ossa 250cc MAR Trials Motorcycle - PS1,200-1,500 1979 Suzuki TS250 - PS800-1,200 1973 Honda CD175 - PS1,400-1,800 1975 Honda CB200 - PS1,500-1,800 1971 Kawasaki 250cc A1 Samurai - PS5,000-6,000 2010 Yamaha SR400 'Grievous Angel' by Deus Ex Machina - PS8,000-12,000 RICHARD HAMMOND Lot 334: 1977 Honda GL1000 Gold Wing - PS4,000-6,000 Lot 335: 2010 Norton Commando 961SE - PS14,500-18,500 Lot 336: 1970 Triton 500cc 'Cafe Racer' - PS6,500-8,500 Lot 337: 1975 Yamaha 49cc FS1-E - PS2,500-3,500
In ancient performances deus ex machina involved a real machina, specifically a crane.
And the brilliant all-star cast included two relative newcomers to Broadway, if you can count the well-known best friend of "Harry Potter'' -- redheaded Rupert Grint, in the role of a tantrum-prone British director (he is marvelous) and the deus ex machina of the play, Micah Stock, whose daunting humorless performance moves the plot forward and causes him to be referred to as "the Eve Harrington'' character from "All About Eve.''
South of downtown, Thalia Surf Shop features wetsuits and surf gear from small independent brands like Matuse, Deus Ex Machina, and Poler.
It is forced and intrusive, reminding me of the Deus ex Machina
The book draws some metaphors from classical Greek tragedy, and is divided into three sections: governance, judgment, and citizenship, with a concluding chapter on the bureaucratic machine and the idea of deus ex machina.
Fingered for their murder he's arrested and charged, but gets the chance to go on the run and clear his name when the police van carrying him overturns - a deus ex machina moment that, once again, bore more than passing resemblance to a key scene from that other show.
In "Killer Whale," an orca appears out of nowhere, emphasizing the author's ability to inject magical realism into his stories while simultaneously breathing new life into the usually trite trope of the deus ex machina.
No "deus ex machina", says finance minister Speaking at the same conference, the Minister of Finance, Haris Georgiades, said that there will be no deus ex machina for the Cyprus economy.
Summary: When the ancient Greek or Roman playwrights had painted themselves into a corner, plotwise, they sometimes resorted to the device known as the deus ex machina, in which one of the gods was hoisted over the stage and dropped in to resolve the otherwise inchoate drama.
The show didn't hit every high note: The much-touted appearance of Shirley MacLaine proved to be all too brief (though she'll be back next season) and the odd financial insolvency of Downton, and deus ex machina "solution" of a sudden inheritance by Matthew, who was then oddly reluctant to use it to save Downton, felt strained.