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(used as intensives) extremely

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Other such stars have been identified and they are theoretically not that rare, but with a low intrinsic brightness, they can be deucedly difficult to detect.
voluntary statements against the pecuniary interests of a party are often regarded by the law as evidence of the truth of their contents the evidence here even at its highest is deucedly ambiguous and no more corroborative of marriage than a de facto relationship.
Deucedly, the widths of all the edge points are calculated and the average value of the widths [A.sub.hor_spread] shown in eq.
Nevertheless these linguistic gesticulations are accompanied mostly with colloquial entwining of phrases such as 'superficial little visage', 'but how deucedly sociable!', 'polite nonsense', etc.
After all, to claim that he shrank "from scandal much more than mere death" because "certain peculiarities of Neapolitan manners" would render his account "a deucedly queer story" (p.
DOESN'T Sue Barker look deucedly dishy, a real smash hit anchoring Wimbledon (BBC1 and 2) every day?
But the "lawlessness" is as much in him as in her, as is suggested by his thoughts of violating social decorum by seducing Daisy or eloping with her ("the only very definite conclusion he came to was that he should enjoy deucedly 'going off' with her somewhere" [167]).
Agriculture has always had its ups and downs, but the downs are deucedly difficult where perishable crops are involved.