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diminution of swelling

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The diagnosis of penile fracture is typically made clinically.[sup.1] Classic features include the patient reporting an audible "popping" sound, rapid detumescence, pain, penile swelling and deviation of the penis often to the side opposite the injury secondary to mass effect of the hematoma at the injury site.[sup.1] Following injury, if Buck's fascia remains intact, the hematoma develops resulting in the characteristic "eggplant deformity."[sup.1,22,23]
The management of high-flow priapism is a step-ladder approach, whereas conservative management is the first step of management, including perineal compression and ice compresses, with an overall spontaneous achievement of detumescence in approximately 60% of cases (8, 9).
In our case, the treatment protocols were progressively performed, but the patient could not achieve detumescence. Therefore, we suggested implantation of a penile prosthesis.
He had aspiration without achieving sustained detumescence. On examination, pulse was 100 beats per minutes, blood pressure was 110/60 mmHg.
Priapism of stallions, is primarily caused by administration of a phenothiazine-derivative tranquilizer that blocks the sympathetic impulses that initiate detumescence. When detumescence fails, blood in the CCP stagnates, and partial pressure of CO2 in the stagnant blood rises, causing erythrocytes to sickle.
He suddenly heard a cracking sound and severe pain in the penis followed by swelling of the penis, sudden detumescence, and blood coming from urethra associated with inability to pass urine.
Detumescence may facilitate removal while nonremoval may lead to delayed detumescence, edema, and then the cycle of tissue injury with ischemia and necrosis [1].
Nasal decongestants cause a detumescence of the mucosa.
When evening comes, the sisters go down to the river, and the goblins fail to appear to the woman who has been fantasizing about fruit all day; Laura's disappointment is figured as a vital detumescence: "Her tree of life drooped from the root" (l.
Lastly, stuttering priapism is described as repeated form of ischaemic priapism in which painful erections occur frequently with intervening periods of detumescence (diminution of the erection) (3).
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "Ma-Qian-Zi" has the capabilities of improving microcirculation, detumescence and relieving pain.
Tell me, what does detumescence mean, my dear?" I was so startled by his question that I didn't know what to answer.
It was highly effective in heat clearing and detoxifying, detumescence, and relieving sore throat and herpes stomatitis caused by viral infections.
Begetting Ego means there was jouissance that helped inseminate Ada, and afterward, detumescence of his organ, all of which also aid him in suppressing his gay orientation and relieved him of pressure from within for five full years after his body was conditioned for twenty-six years.
This departs drastically from the original Latin, "Num misero carmen et herba nocent" (3.7.28), which does not mention "silly souls." Another discrepancy exists as to what caused the detumescence. While in Ovid the origin is bodily, Marlowe imputes to the persona a "shame" or remorse that is rooted in a different cause,