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in a detrimental manner

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At what point does a post, blog or a picture pass the mark to start causing "apprehension", "detrimentally affects a person" or is considered 'indecent or gross?'What are the parameters for indecency to qualify as a cybercrime?
The Anfield icon wrote: "We've been hearing a lot about football songs this evening and Man City players singing detrimentally about our Massive club!!
Chief among its duties, the commission oversees state employees' appeals of decisions affecting their jobs, whether it be a layoff, a firing, a suspension or a change in policy that detrimentally affects a worker.
They say that the block would "appear overbearing within its context and would detrimentally impact on the amenity of residents and the potential for neighbouring sites to deliver an acceptable and viable scheme".
"In addition, the additional height combined with full site coverage would detrimentally impact on the amenity of neighbouring sites within the Science Central key site and the potential for neighbouring sites to deliver an acceptable scheme."
I would like to know how blasting and the destruction of woodland does not detrimentally affect any of the foregoing and fly in the face of new policies.
The resolution, approved by the Marshall's Board of Alderman with a unanimous vote, outlines a list of reasons the proposed plant could detrimentally impact the "beauty, liability and financial prosperity of the town."
They also concluded that it would not detrimentally impact the amenity of neighbours or the highway network.
They have also said the campus plan will detrimentally impact on the tranquillity of the area with about 2,000 students a year in attendance and trees having to be removed to facilitate the building work.
"These changes are not something that will detrimentally impact anyone's health within a week or two, but that over years or decades could make a difference," said Hannah Schreier, a researcher.
We feel that we are always conscious of the balance of how quickly we put those young players in and raise expectation around them and make sure that we don't detrimentally affect their development.
"It is accepted by the applicants that holiday occupancy conditions may be imposed on this conversion to prevent the use of the building as a permanent residence and, to avoid detrimentally affecting the character of the former school, any further extension to the building will be prevented through the removal of permitted development rights if considered necessary."
William Hill and Ladbrokes Coral, whose Rating Watch Positive on its 'BB' rating is linked to its takeover by GVC Holdings plc (GVC), would be more directly detrimentally affected than others such as Paddy Power Betfair due to their exposure to retail estate.
I have tried to understand why so many retrospective planning plans have been allowed, many that have detrimentally affected their neighbours environment.
Even though the UK government has "decided" not to make the fitting of these intrusive gizmos mandatory here, the forced installation of a device in the family home that detrimentally affects both human brain and body cells should not even be a matter that politicians have the option of voting a "Yes" on in the first place.