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Synonyms for detriment

Synonyms for detriment

the action or result of inflicting loss or pain

an unfavorable condition, circumstance, or characteristic

Synonyms for detriment

a damage or loss


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Both unlawful detriment and unfair dismissal claims are pursued in the employment tribunal.
Yesterday's deal involves a transitional arrangement that delivers the outcome of no detriment for the first five years.
Le FUS a surpris la RS Berkane par (0-1) et le MCO a fait de meme au detriment de l'OC Khouribga apres les deux premieres victoires a l'exterieur realisees par le Hassania d'Agadir qui a frappe fort contre l'OC Safi au Grand Stade de Marrakech (2-4) et le KAC qui s'est offert le CRA dans son fief au Stade Mimoun El-Arssi d'Al Hoceima (1-2).
ly/1AjfjZ2) A few days later, on January 27, the matter was "examined" in the House of Lords, led by Junior Energy Minister, Baroness Verma, who observed of the project: "It must first undergo a high-level assessment to determine whether its economic, social or other benefits outweigh the health detriment that it may cause.
of pounds or "I became aware early on beautiful artwork does not have to cost hundreds of pounds or cause a detriment to our surroun dings.
Greater purchasing power and a growing middle class have led to an increase in the purchase of goods in the premium brand range to the detriment of basic commodities, it was reported (April 28, 2014).
A RECENT scan of building society annual reports reveals that their lending to borrowers in the Greater London and south east regions has been increasing both relatively and in cash terms, to the detriment of lending to the rest of the country, even for those societies based in the north of England.
Tenders are invited for proposals to conduct a study to explicitly quantify the amount and type of consumer detriment which has been experienced in ireland in the most recent 12 month period.
But tribunal judge Alan McCarry said his compensation claim for detriment and bullying had failed, saying: "Pc Griffin claimed the detriments he suffered was because he had made public interest disclosures that the respondents wanted to suppress and hide from the Independent Police Complaints Commission.
Seyran Ohanyan, in Yerevan that he hopes that the 102-nd Russian military base deployed in Armenia will not be used to the detriment
Gonner (1804) mentioned it for the first time at the beginning of the 19th century and was of the opinion that alteration of a judgment to the detriment of the accused through ordinary legal remedy (reformatio in peius) should not be required.
The material is primarily introduced through discussion of debt crises in Latin America, Africa, and Asia and debt relief issues, specifically concerning Iraq, in part because Buckley wishes to articulate his take on the system "as one that works much to the detriment of the poor nations and the benefit of rich nations, and in particular to the detriment of the poor within poor nations and the benefit of the rich within rich and poor nations alike.
They will do all in their power to gain as much as they can to the detriment of others, and far more than they can possibly need.
Lord Longford (Jim Broadbent), a British politician, tries to rehabilitate a convicted serial child murdered (Samantha Morton), to the detriment of his career, in HBO's "Longford.
Their members continue to dominate the nation's cultural, political, and economic business, often to the detriment of the due process, fairness, justice, transparency, and democracy.