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cause members of a tribe to lose their cultural identity


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Until very recently, the main thrust of federal policy was to break up the extended family, the clan structure, to detribalize and assimilate Indian populations.
Ironically, as Professor Williams notes, termination had the opposite effect in its attempt to detribalize.(91) Indians finally recognized that federal policy too often was directed at destroying tribalism.
As much as it is desirable to detribalize politics, the tribe or ethnicity is still prominent in South Sudanese, indeed, all African politics.
The following essay reveals one facet of this history, when Native musicians turned the federal government's "civilization" campaign on its head, indigenizing the music meant to detribalize them.
During the 1950s there was a movement to detribalize Native Americans and mainstream Indians into American culture.
Just as the federal government carved up the reservations in the 1870s as a way to detribalize Indians and assimilate them into white culture, the state attempted to carve up the ceded territory.
105.) The lamentable detribalization of white people does not obligate us, however, to detribalize ourselves.