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Synonyms for detribalization

the act of causing tribal people to abandon their customs and adopt urban ways of living

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the decline or termination of tribal organization

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The legacy of those early boarding school students and their rejection of government detribalization objectives is witnessed in the decades since, as Native peoples have proliferated tribally derived dances and songs as much they have innovated the genres of American popular music.
Some Catholic officials accused British lawmakers of wanting to push the Africans back to illiteracy and paganism under the guise of preventing detribalization.
This is one of the novel's few examples of an anthropologist connecting personally to the object of study, and in the nightmare scene that follows, Tom realizes that he is barred from a coming-out party, that his detribalization has cut him off from the world he once knew, and that no other has replaced it.
In Pilling and Waterman (eds), Diprotodon to Detribalization, 285-313.
In Black African kingdoms where relative detribalization, wars, and division of labor created marginal slavery, revolution did not occur.
Nonetheless, the emphasis in some early African-American literature on physically defined racial identity, as in the Ethiopian Manifesto, reminds us that European and American race theory cast a long shadow over black nationalist texts, since the category of "African" or "Ethiopian" derived not just from detribalization in the New World but from a series of white texts dating to the early eighteenth century.
The result was our detribalization, the fragmentation of society into individuals, and the coalescence of cultures around linguistic bases, which we call nations.
In 1713 German and Swiss settlers in New Bern defeated the Tuscaroras, leading to detribalization of nations including the Choctaw, Catawba, Algonquin, Tuscarora, Charraw, Sioux, and Wateree.
Achebe's Okonkwo, like Conrad's Kurtz, suffers from detribalization.
He believed that this was merely a phase "in the real struggle which is between detribalization and tribalization.
19) They formed their own government, refused to enroll as allottees or to be counted for the Dawes rolls, and sought to punish those who cooperated with the program of detribalization.
We appeal for stronger Southern unity, no retributions, detribalization and no ethnic, racial and religious hatred.
The detribalization or de-Africanization process which began on the slave ships of the middle passage, entailed a deliberate process of intermingling slaves of different ethnic and linguistic origins, in order to prevent the emergence of any corporate sense of identity that would threaten the stability of slavery.
Particularly, the book explores survival through cultural change, adaptation, and persistence in the face of difficult choices, forced removal, and attempts at detribalization.
Did assimilation connote detribalization for Hopkins?