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Hymenoptera: Formicidae), la cual responde bien a la fructosa pero presenta una nula o muy baja reaccion a trehalosa (Tinti & Nofre 2001; Detrain & Prieur 2014).
I had to detrain two stops before them, so I made an extra effort to understand why they did what they did.
The sign referred to the gap between the car and the platform, one wide enough for passengers to fall into and sustain potentially serious injury as they detrain.
An army marching down a muddy road would not be deterred by an enemy road-block because it would get hardly any muddier if it marched cross-country to get round the enemy positions; a much larger army, loaded in railway wagons, would be considerably delayed if it had to detrain and march with all its equipment fifty miles across ploughlands to the next railway line.
If you take a footballer, for example, who gets injured and is off for a number of days, his body will detrain and his fitness levels will drop.
Visitors will become passengers, if they don't detrain now.
If some consideration was given to their passengers / customers it would seem a simple process to detrain at Llandecwyn and walk across the road bridge.
I would accept that the journey time would have been longer, but nevertheless, it would have been much better than having to detrain and to be bussed, with the resultant confusion that appears to have taken place at Newark, Grantham and Peterborough.