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Synonyms for detraction

Synonyms for detraction

a petty disparagement

the act of discrediting or detracting from someone's reputation (especially by slander)

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Despite "challenges and detraction" coming from some quarters, the Department of Education (DepEd) said that it has retained a top approval rating in latest Pulse Asia "Ulat ng Bayan" survey.
Gallo didn't comment during last week's meeting, but said Tuesday the resolution is "a detraction and distraction from the real issues."
The detraction of this approach is that anchoring the text on Hoffman's work, however important, does not capture the entire intellectual experience.
The court shall assess the consequences that arise from scraping, erasing, inserting and other material defects in the exhibit such as the loss of, or detraction from, its value as evidence.
We need to overcome the detraction. But if we are saying people are being targeted because they come from a particular political persuasion, are we also saying their appointments were so skewed that if you take action you are likely to step on the toes of people from one place?
He said although independent observers had always pronounced the elections as credible, free and fair, some critics considered the uninterrupted rule by one party as detraction from true democracy but pointed out that the BDP was returned to power at every election because it had earned the trust and confidence of the electorate.
Where there is encouragement, there is detraction. But everyone is waiting with bated breath to see what Prime Minister Imran Khan's Pakistan will look like.
Four letters were also submitted, highlighting concerns over unauthorised building and field access, detraction from the landscape and access on a potentially dangerous, largely blind bend.
Two serious mortal sins under the Seventh Commandment are Slander (Calumny) and Detraction. They both constitute the sin of stealing someone's good reputation.
Don't discount these entities simply because they're not household names--like anywhere else, they uphold the same journalistic standards, often without the detraction of an overtly political editorial board pushing stories in one direction.
"That demand is a detraction from addressing real matters and those making it one of their demands should forget it.
Take any segment of society, and for every positive attribute that is identified with them, there is either a counterbalancing contradiction or detraction.
The detraction from Cruz and the other Republican Senators brings the whip count below the required 50 count majority needed in order to pass the legislation through the Senate. 
Particularly harsh was the condemnation of slander, also called detraction, calumny, defamation, or backbiting.
He said some of the scenes in the series are an "encroachment and detraction" of Nahas.