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Synonyms for detox

the hospital ward or clinic in which patients are detoxified

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treat for alcohol or drug dependence


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Detoxing can be for anyone who wants to kickstart weight loss or simply feel healthier, Detox Delight's Nicole Junghanel told me.
She will also reveal some less frequently talked about benefits of regular detoxing.
After a December of eating, drinking and being merry, comes January, the month of tighter waistbands, new gym memberships and detoxing.
Also, why not use the detoxifying process as an opportunity to observe your habits with the aim of dropping one bad habit permanently as this will help you to start the process of detoxing mind as well as body?
Vitality is a gift you give yourself if you invest a bit of that energy into detoxing every now and then.
The Life Detox outlines a simple seven-day plan for detoxing your body and mind that will leave you feeling fresh, full of energy and quite possibly see off a whole range of conditions and illnesses which may have plagued you all your life.
JANUARY is the month for detoxing, de-stressing and generally revitalising body and mind.
Detoxing has also become a popular New Year habit, helped along in recent years by the queen of the detox Carol Vorderman and her many diets and nutrition plans.
He needed more time to readjust as that's the key to successful detoxing but whenever there is a reaction like the one he had it would be good if he was kinder to his liver and not drink much in future.
And you might actually do some healing, says DeAndrea, who claims regular detoxing can reverse the effects of cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.
I've been saying for decades that detox diets, detox products and detoxing in general are rubbish.
that's not all, detoxing can also help you gain weight if you need it.
For those who are serious about firming and getting those toxins out, a series of treatments while detoxing would be recommended.
January is all about detoxing - cutting out the booze, ditching the fatty foods and swapping them for five a day and lots of water.