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treat for alcohol or drug dependence


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All we have to do to let the body cleanse and detoxify itself is to refrain from poisoning it with alcohol, junk food, excess fats and sugars, and smoking.
This will refresh and stimulate, as organic olive oil helps tone while marine extracts detoxify.
The enzyme glutaredoxin utilizes a disulfide oxidation-reduction mechanism to detoxify free radicals and is one way organisms have evolved to handle oxidative stress.
A groundbreaking ceremony was held Friday in Naoshima Island, Kagawa Prefecture in western Japan, for the construction of a plant to detoxify industrial waste illegally dumped in nearby Teshima Island in the prefecture.
Ask any doctor of Oriental medicine about the best time of year to detoxify, and unless a serious problem demands immediate attention the reply will invariably be: "Springtime--otherwise known as Liver Time.
The primary series is called "yoga therapy" and is designed to detoxify and realign the body.
Mel Chin's Revival Field, 1990-93, a collaboration with scientists, is an ongoing experiment that involves sowing and harvesting fibrous plants to detoxify sites--after the plants have absorbed heavy metals, they are gathered and incinerated.
Many phytochemicals stimulate the biochemical pathways that detoxify and excrete drugs, rather than turn them into carcinogens.
Massages available to soothe and detoxify the sun-kissed skin of resort guests include: Swedish, Hot Stone, Indian, and Thai.
To one-up the competition, many of these bacteria have evolved ways to detoxify antibiotics that neighboring species secrete.
Researchers from Oregon State University and Northeastern University have found that certain red seaweeds including Portieria hornemannii and Acrosiphonia coalita can detoxify organic pollutants such as TNT and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons 5-10 times faster than any known terrestrial plant.
Our bodies detoxify naturally daily through breathing, digestive tract function, the liver, the lymphatic system, the skin, and the urinary tract.
The project, the first of its kind in Japan, aims to detoxify 15.
And there's no better time to detoxify than springtime.
Colvin owned a telemarketing business in the San Fernando Valley, selling securities in companies that purportedly developed a CD-ROM guide to Internet porn sites, operated weight loss centers or sold a system that could detoxify a person of drugs and alcohol in 15 minutes, according to the FBI.