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treat for alcohol or drug dependence


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Beauty Trends Nose Pack OIL CONTROL and DETOXIFY, P19 (5g sachet), P149 (65g tube).
"The earth has given us so many natural ingredients to detoxify and rejuvenate the skin.
The fewer chemicals you take in from pesticides, chemical additives, and other food contaminants, the less your liver has to detoxify.
The Maker's Diet Revolution - The Ten Day Diet to Lose Weight and Detoxify Your Body, Mind, and Spirit is written for anyone who wants to improve their health or someone looking for a healthy effective short term plan to lose weight, or to begin a program designed for healthier living.
The Detoxify and Revive package at The Spa at The Address Dubai Mall combines a hydrobath experience and detoxifying body wrap while a foot reflex massage performed while you are enveloped in a body wrap encourages the elimination of toxins.
I'm just saying that our environment is so polluted that you shouldn't rely on a cleansing program one season a year to detoxify. You need to constantly detoxify all of your organs from the lead, arsenic, and cadmium that foul the air you breathe, the water you drink, the soil you grow your food in, and the dust none of us can escape.
Cupping massage is a modality that uses suction and negative pressure to detoxify tissues and promote healing.
Rich essential oils will help detoxify and stimulate the lungs, whilst reflexotherapeutic techniques help accomplish a state of relief and wellness.
They reasoned that various strains of anaerobic bacteria that can remove chlorine atoms from chemicals might also lop off bromines to detoxify the PBDEs.
Further, they have confirmed that lactoferin (LF), a kind of multifunctional protein found in milk and breast milk, can detoxify LPS so that it helps control the development of periodontal disease.
Using data gathered by the UC Berkeley center, UW researchers have shown that people with certain forms of the PON1 gene break down chlorpyrifos more efficiently than people with different forms, although all forms detoxify diazinon at the same rate.
Since they permeate to the deep levels of the skin, they nourish, tighten, cleanse, detoxify, increase blood circulation, calm and support the skin's functions.
Using natural clay infused with rose essential oil, it will reduce a few inches and detoxify while the rose extracts will help to leave your skin smoother and silkier.
STICK IN THE MUD For centuries Mud has been used to clean and detoxify the body.
"This reduces water retention and helps the body to detoxify," she explained.