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treat for alcohol or drug dependence


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Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, LockUpLead[TM] is a new, patented product, adapted from proven technology used in military applications, but reformulated with food-grade ingredients as a 100% nontoxic spray cleaner that detoxifies lead dust on contact.
It's engineered to maximize air flow and reduce hydro bills, it's easy to install and plug in; but most importantly it truly detoxifies the air in your home, down to the smallest particulate.
He suspects that this coupling effectively imprisons -- and thus detoxifies -- the aluminum.
Samual Hofer's recipe book, "A Passion for Sauerkraut," lists the following health benefits of sauerkraut: it strengthens the acidity of the stomach, prevents constipation, detoxifies the intestines, encourages pancreas function, re-establishes healthy intestinal flora after taking antibiotics, improves blood circulation, helps cleanse the blood, supports natural resistance against infections and strengthens the body's immune system.
Some cancer cells protect themselves from the chemotherapydrug methotrexate with high levels of a protein that detoxifies the drug; the cell makes these high protein levels with extra copies of the responsible gene (SN: 1/3/87, p.