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treat for alcohol or drug dependence


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Previous attempts at the detoxification of Thevetia seed meal did not report a satisfactory result in the performance of animals fed with the detoxified meal [13, 24, 25].
Cellulosic material pretreated with the AFEX process doesn't have to be washed or detoxified, allowing ethanol to be created from cellulose without added nutrients or other steps.
It also reacts on a molecular level with poisonous lead dust to form lead compounds that are permanently detoxified.
Among local women, she finds, the traditional wisdom handed down is that these legumes should be detoxified before cooking.
The detoxified sand can either be reused within the foundry to make molds and cores, or sold as a by-product.
The opiate antagonist used in the study is a drug prescribed to help people maintain abstinence after they have detoxified (withdrawn) from heroin or other opioids.
The research showed that 6 percent of the black smokers detoxified NNAL aggressively and thus were at less risk of lung cancer than most other black smokers.
6,051,239 and corresponding international equivalents describing the oral use of detoxified botulinum toxin as a vaccine and patent applications that describe the pulmonary routes of delivery of genetically detoxified version of botulinum toxin.
Primed by the detoxified virus, the vaccinated body's immune system gears up to fight an infectious agent.
CITA Biomedical recently introduced a revolutionary process whereby people addicted to opiate-based drugs like heroin, narcotic pain killers and methadone, can be detoxified not in days or weeks but in a matter of hours.
While it's tempting to rule out Chinese food for breakfast, extrapolation to humans is difficult because experimental doses were more than 50 times those one might expect from a meal, and because MSG -- when not injected -- is largely detoxified in the digestive tract.
Not only do we recycle the contaminated material after it is detoxified," she added, "but equally important, we recycle the land by restoring it to beneficial commercial and residential uses.
However, he says, once these microbes begin to chow down on the PCBs, the pollutant cache appears to become detoxified at a rate of approximately 50 percent every three to five years.
HemoCleanse will add the Monsanto bioreactor to the DTPF System, so that the blood can be detoxified before reacting with the hepatocytes.
licensed whole-cell DTP vaccine, a chemically detoxified DTaP vaccine, a diphtheria and tetanus vaccine alone, or Pertugen.