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a treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol intended to remove the physiological effects of the addictive substances

treatment for poisoning by neutralizing the toxic properties (normally a function of the liver)

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Given the chronic relapsing nature of opioid dependence and frequent poor results of rapid detoxification and relapse prevention, treatment to reduce drug-related harm (keeping patients alive until they eventually go into remission) and abstinence from illicit opioids has become an important intervention in many countries.
Detoxification, as unpleasant as this natural process may appear to the onlooker, is seen as a natural part of the healing process that should be supported, not suppressed.
Considering the uniqueness of the chemical structures of cruciferous phytoalexins, as well as the apparently specific detoxification processes used by cruciferous pathogens, it follows that inhibition of these detoxification reactions would be beneficial to the plant and detrimental to the fungus.
The significant finding of the study was the surprising revelation that higher injury rates to alcoholics continued for the following two years of detoxification; alcoholics continued to be more accident prone than drug users even after they quit drinking.
DRUNKS are to be taken to "detoxification centres" instead of being left to dry out overnight in police cells, David Blunkett announced yesterday.
At the Lahore Central Jail and Rawalpindi's Adiala Jail, 20-bed detoxification centres have been established.
Its founders, who are both internationally known in the naturopathy and health and wellness industry, realize that skin body toxins are the real cause of health concerns so they looked into a more effective and natural detoxification process.
PESHAWAR -- The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has constituted a Management Committee for overall management and monitoring of the Detoxification and Rehabilitation facilities in the province.
Towers said, "This is the first study to prospectively report outcome data on a designated OUD clinic that offers detoxification during pregnancy.
* After detoxification, participants were randomized to receive BUP-NX, 4 to 24 mg/d, or XR-NTX, 380 mg/month.
Is one of the biggest mistakes you 're making as a practitioner not properly supporting phase 3 detoxification ?
Over the past several months I have seen a number of patients who have developed serious medical issues after using a prolonged detoxification program.
Methadone detoxification involves using tapering doses of methadone to create a smooth transition from heroin use to a drug-free state.
Moreover, we recognized that detoxification of toxic elements and chemicals was critical if we were to restore a patient's health.