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a treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol intended to remove the physiological effects of the addictive substances

treatment for poisoning by neutralizing the toxic properties (normally a function of the liver)

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There are no studies on the clinical, social or forensic outcomes following detoxification and psychosocial rehabilitation of heroin-dependent patients treated at the Opioid Detoxification Unit, nor are there studies comparing long-term clinical, social and forensic outcomes for active heroin users v.
As a result of the detoxification, the area of contamination has decreased by almost five times.
Sodium hypochlorite is chemical substance used with commercial bleaches for detoxification of aflatoxins (Yang, 1972).
Several protocols in the National Drug Rehabilitation Framework have been developed in Ireland in recent times, which outline the minimum medical and psycho-social supports necessary for individuals engaging in interagency community detoxification (Doyle and Ivanovic, 2010), with particular focus on benzodiazepine and methadone dependence (Progression Routes Initiative, 2011a;b).
Prescriptive detoxification (four-week taper) in OBOT with buprenorphine will minimize provider-patient individualization of treatment and be contrary to the intention of federal legislation allowing OBOT.
Jan Spence of the Christchurch City Mission alcohol and drug services said people needing medical detoxification were usually in crisis and any delay in treatment could be dangerous.
As colon cleansing and detoxification are becoming more familiar to mainstream consumers and the category is developing in the retail market, we decided it was time to launch a line of DrNatura products specifically for retail," she said.
People have to work at developing skills to cope with the craving for alcohol once the detoxification is completed.
Rapid detoxification from all opioids and relapse prevention
If you suspect heavy metal toxicity, give this detoxification process a fair trial.
In this article, and due to the importance of this subject--especially nowadays that we are all exposed to toxins--I am going to talk further about types of toxins and detoxification of the body that has recently become a necessity not only for people with certain life-threatening diseases, but also for healthy individuals who care about their health and wellbeing.
Stress release, detoxification and beautiful skin can be yours too with a visit to Dublin's first therapeutic seaweed baths at the Absolute Balance Clinic, Clonskeagh.
Chapters cover the warning signs of too much ingested toxicity in one's lifestyle, how to "green-up your diet" and exercise properly, self-help techniques to reduce stress, improve breathing and facilitate hydration, and the value of manual detoxification and CranioSacral Therapy.
SAMHSA has released a new treatment improvement protocol (TIP 45) for detoxification and substance abuse treatment.