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Phase II detoxicating enzymes are induced by phase I metabolites as well as by antioxidants, which are very often electrophilic.
Rose gel burns fat, destroys severe cellulite, diminishes local fat depo, has antisclerotic and detoxicating actions, stimulates metabolism and potential physiological processes.
This increase is primarily due to an increase in sales for our new products, Galanthamine Hydrobromide, Cow-bezoar Detoxicating tables, Ganhai Stomach Recovery capsules, Camptothecine, VC Honeysuckle-fructusforsythiae tables and compound Salvia Root tablets.
The Company's new products launched in 2010 were Galanthamine Hydromide, Hydroxycamptothecin, Tanshinone IIA, Cow-bezoar Detoxicating table, Ganhai Stomach Recovery capsule, Camptothecine, VC Honeysuckle-fructus Forsythiae table and compound Salvia Root.
2005); RS is used widely in traditional Chinese medicine for anti-inflammation, anticancer, antiviral and antibacterial infections, reducing the total cholesterol level and decreasing blood pressures (Li and Chen 2005); RC is an important traditional Chinese medicinal herb which has been effectively used for heat-clearing, damp-drying, relieving fidgetiness and detoxicating, etc (Yang et al.