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Accumulation in the liver can be the result of detoxicating mechanisms and may originate from metal in the food (Karadede & Unlu 1998, Shoham-Frider et al.
Phase II detoxicating enzymes are induced by phase I metabolites as well as by antioxidants, which are very often electrophilic.
Our detoxicating systems go to work and gear up to get rid of the chemical either by excreting it directly through the kidneys, ferrying it out of the body by linking it to glutathione, or enzymatically converting it to urine-soluble glycidamide.
* Rose gel burns fat, destroys severe cellulite, diminishes local fat depo, has antisclerotic and detoxicating actions, stimulates metabolism and potential physiological processes.
GST and NQO-1 function as a detoxicating enzyme of electrophilic substances and a xenobiotic-metabolizing enzyme, respectively [62, 63].
Luan, "The efficacy and safety of the therapeutic method of detoxicating, relieving meridian and engendering fluid in the treatment of the primary sjogren syndrome," Chinese Journal of Basic Medicine in Traditional Chinese Medicine, vol.
2005); RS is used widely in traditional Chinese medicine for anti-inflammation, anticancer, antiviral and antibacterial infections, reducing the total cholesterol level and decreasing blood pressures (Li and Chen 2005); RC is an important traditional Chinese medicinal herb which has been effectively used for heat-clearing, damp-drying, relieving fidgetiness and detoxicating, etc (Yang et al.