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the hospital ward or clinic in which patients are detoxified

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treat for alcohol or drug dependence


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Basically, all the studies supporting detoxes are bad studies, and many of them were paid for by the companies that make the detox products.
A woman, who was treated with oral and IV detoxes by an integrative Lyme doctor for severe headaches and other health problems, reported: "My headache became 10 times worse and the brain felt as if covered by bricks.
The main principle of detoxes stem exactly from the same flaw, as toward all chronic diseases, as I have emphasized in Lyme Disease and Petri Dish Mentality and other FCT media, petri-dish mentality, itself.
Concerning cellular matrix, mitochondria, liposomes, or bad detoxifying gene and detox stages, how does one know exactly, or by what reliable tests, where these detoxes or 'healing nutrients' exactly go?
How Can We Avoid this Detox-Retox Gamble and, Perhaps, Put Some of the Existing Detoxes to a Better and Safer Use?
Andrew Langford, the trust's chief executive, said: "While people go on January detoxes to 'rejuvenate' their liver, it would actually be more beneficial to adopt a more long-term attitude to achieving good liver health.
The success rates of chemical detoxes are in single figures.
Historically, naturopathic physicians and other alternative practitioners have used detoxes to remove environmental toxins, identify food intolerances, address inflammation, and prevent chronic, degenerative conditions.
In this regard, detoxes involve pharmacologic intervention along with psychological support.
Since detoxes typically involve diet modification and often calorie restriction, weight loss is a typical result.
In addition, there is little research establishing safety, efficacy, indications, and contraindications for detoxes.
Repeat every night for a week and you will see that the patches will be cleaner in the morning as your body detoxes.