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Synonyms for detox

the hospital ward or clinic in which patients are detoxified

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treat for alcohol or drug dependence


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The patient recovered with treatment, but doctors said her story was a reminder of how dangerous it can be to undertake a drastic detox.
K, after years of being extremely ill and starting to make very good progress on FCT, has surprisingly quit, being lured by a detox program which, instead of some simple drops, offered the 'big guns' - many pills and IVs.
Undergoing a supervised detox by a qualified health practitioner is advisable for a successful detox.
No cases of intrauterine fetal demise (IUFD) occurred during the course of the study, and the rate of preterm delivery did not differ between detox groups, Dr.
Infused water detox can make a huge difference to your body, your health, and your mood.
Supplements like the 08 Detox Support can feature over 4 billion beneficial organisms that assist in breaking down toxins to aid in digestion while strengthening the body and digestive tract resulting in a better night's sleep, more energy and weight loss.
The current findings represent the first step toward an improved system, as many women who become pregnant while addicted to opiate drugs desire to detox, but aren't given the option, he said.
In fact detox is happening in our body on a daily basis.
The dedicated team members of Serenity House Detox work with clients one-onone and in group settings, and are highly trained to help ensure a uniquely positive experience.
One of the theories behind detox diets is that they cleanse the body of harmful toxins.
Although detox is a word that is becoming common knowledge today, very few know exactly what it means.
These are all the benefits and promises people buy into when considering cleansing or a detox diet.
Organic, plant-based nutritional supplements manufacturer Amazing Grass, Newport Beach, CA, has launched Alkalize & Detox Green SuperFood, which is specifically designed to help the body achieve ideal pH levels while also ridding it of toxins to allow for optimal function and organ restoration.
Delicious Soupologie soups from their newest range called the 'Detox Boost' have been designed around three carefully selected ingredients with recognised detox properties.
In the past few weeks while taking PectaSol[R] Detox Formula my knees felt better.