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a mechanical or electrical explosive device or a small amount of explosive

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For its part, the Directorate of Najaf police in an official press statement said, "The simple explosion that occurred because of children playing a detonator found it and threw it in the fire without knowing, which led to the explosion and a minor injury of a child was taken to the hospital immediately "/ End
The DigiShot Plus 4G Detonator contains the new 4G chip and is fully programmable with fifteen times more memory for storing and tracking unique identification numbers, GPS coordinates, and time and date of blasting.
The Impulse LLC is a joint production of Kyrgyzstan and China, the main activity of which is assembling of modern electronic detonators in the amount of about 2 million pieces a year.
(It is not capable to explode without a detonator and it was lacking one.
GSDF members removed the fuse and detonator of the bomb after the airport's two runways were closed and areas within a 300-meter radius sealed off a little past 9 a.m.
POTENTIALLY dangerous railway detonators have been stolen from train tracks.
Only a few weeks ago, a teenager from Essex sadly lost their sight after a detonator accident so I can't emphasise the dangers enough."
But for faulty detonators, a similar fate would have befallen people of Pune during the August 1 serial blasts.
It is believed they took a box of detonators, used as fog signals on the rail network, from a nearby depot.
"We have an opportunity to contribute to stability (if we continue acting the same) but it is known that the Albanians have "the detonators" in their hands for the conflicts on the Balkan," writes halite in the column in which he announces the dangers that threaten the region if Albanians face injustice in the negotiation process between Kosovo and Serbia.
And they unearthed a cache of bomb-making equipment, including a kind of homemade detonator which British forces have never seen before.
Not having had the best of strike-rates myself in that month, and several others, I can sympathise and am aiming for healthy returns today by latching on to the recent Johnston revival via Detonator in the 1m6f handicap at Sandown (5.00).