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exploding almost instantaneously

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"If, lama fool, rail I may not, at a Choiseul," bare Evita noted, "animus I sum, in a detonative era!
The equation contains two source terms that account for deflagrative and detonative combustion, respectively.
"Plutonian Ode" is, in Ginsberg's words, "detonative" (Collected Poems 710).
According to officials in the political administration, using powerful detonative explosive, the Taliban blew up the government-run boys middle school in Tanai area of Mamoond tehsil.
One approach to substantially improving gas turbine thermal efficiency is to replace the nearly constant pressure combustion process (in fact there is generally a 4 to 5 percent reduction in total pressure during combustion in a gas turbine) with some form of pressure-gain heat release such as either a constant volume or detonative mode of combustion.