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remove a monarch from the throne

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Angelina Jolie has been crowned the most powerful celebrity in the world, dethroning Oprah Winfrey in the process.
Now the unbeaten 24-year-old is intent on following his friend's example by dethroning highly-rated Leeds man Johanneson, who won the crown with a fourth-round stoppage of Billy Corcoran in July.
Dethroning Fetters becomes the Colonel's sole purpose in life and contributes to events that lead to personal tragedy and the end of his dream.
BEEF OR SALMON, Ireland's leading hope of dethroning Best Mate at Cheltenham next March, will face seven rivals in the Grade One James Nicholson Wine Merchant Champion Chase at Down Royal tomorrow.
in disturbing and complex ways" (99) historical narratives of Nathaniel Bacon's rebellion in the Virginia colony (1675-76) and the dethroning of James II in the 1680s.
One day, the head of the "popular boy" group at school decides to turn Simon Glass, the quintessential pocket protector herd, into "class favorite," meanwhile dethroning the ever-popular captain of the football team.
He did not start by dethroning despots loyal to American interests.
It's hard to believe now, but ABC's ascent to the top was truly a coup, dethroning CBS' two-decade grip on the Nielsen crown.
Bjarne Riis, the 1996 Tour winner, has backed Jan Ullrich to go close to dethroning Lance Armstrong.
They were the only unbeaten team in the league section, but Glenealy will now fancy their chances after dethroning champions Kilkegan in the semi-final.
After Zeus grew to manhood he led a revolt against the Titans and succeeded in dethroning Cronus, with the assistance of his brothers Hades and Poseidon, with whom he then divided dominion over the world.
Forest Clingan is not withdrawing his challenge, although he admits his interest lies more in seeing the process of crowning champions changed than in dethroning General Sherman.