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Travel Business Review-July 5, 2013--Nine in ten Britons detest camping, Holiday Extras(C)2013] ENPublishing -
"detest" in conversation he reads poetry the puritan in me
"I'm not going to go into it, but we detest each other...
Henman detests slow conditions, dislikes the bigger ball they are using here this year and cannot seem to beat Tursunov, who has beaten him twice in Henman's last three Grand Slams.
Alex Martinelli detests commercial collector Cassie Ashton because she buys and sells fossils in the market place.
Even though she occasionally detests this chore, she still does it--and it bails me out, since I am the world's worst speller.
He whinges that we are 'dictators' and how he detests the western way of life.
I am a proud pro-choice, pro-gay rights, pro-animal rights vegetarian Christian who detests OCAF's hate-filled messages.
This was a sentiment shared by our second Londoner of the evening, the smallish but perfectly formed Morph lookalike, Eddy Brimson, who detests kids because "he used to be one".
Listen to the warnings and good advice in Proverbs 12v22/23:``The Lord detests lying lips,but he delights in those who are truthful.
"He detests the news that the public gets through NPR and believes it is slanted from a distinctly liberal and secular perspective," Vaughn said.
If you were the clone of your "father" but your parents later divorced, would you like to look just like the man your mother now detests?
Tomalonis and I have crossed swords before over her narrow view as to what constitutes "ballet." Ms Tomalonis deplores the fact that ballet companies perform works by choreographers such as Kylian and she generally detests the works themselves.
The challenge confronting Massaro's proposal is how to advance the communitarian middle axioms in a society which worships independence, detests dependence, and is, at times, destructively individualistic.
The vanquished lives the dream of others." The dichotomous terms of this conflict are broken when the chief plotter, Jaffier, feels pity for "unknowing" Venice: "A few hours yet and the city will be dead:/Stones, a desert, lifeless bodies scattered,/And the survivors, they too corpses./Mute and stupefied, they will only know to obey./All beloved creatures tainted and killed,/Each will hurry to comply with what he detests." To save the city, Jaffier betrays the plot, his comrades, and himself.