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treated with contempt

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Saharsa, (Bihar) [India] Mar 19 ( ANI ): Bihar health minister, Mangal Pandey, has "sought a detailed report" from civil surgeons on Monday in the wake of an incident, where a woman was operated on with the help of a torch light, and detested it by saying that "incidents like these shouldn't happen".
They can run, they can grow the most ludicrous beards and assume exotic new identities, but in the end there is no hiding place for the world's most detested war criminals.
Hitler and Stalin detested smoking too, unlike Churchill.
A drugs ringleader who helped flood the streets of the Midlands and Yorkshire with heroin worth more than pounds 10 million was told he was "detested" by his home town as he was jailed yesterday.
In reply to a new round of killing, torture and beatings by the detested Burmese military junta, the United Nations has relaunched an old and failed response by sending a special representative who has faced the dictators several times, always emerging as the beaten man.
Maybe every fan should pick out the most detested non-Englishman on their club's books and give him the same treatment over the next few weeks.
Until, that is, you took us so much for granted, and the lies and spin and philan-derings of your ministers began to stink like the Tories we detested.
Gest, detested as a dead loss showbiz parasite before he went in to the jungle, ended up a national hero.
As evidenced by the more than 125 million phone numbers listed on the National Do Not Call Registry, cold calling is detested by many, and embraced by few, as a solicitation tool.
In the world of architecture, a totalitarian ideology has dominated everywhere since 1945, and still prevails, despite the painfully obvious fact that the ghastly environments it has created are unsustainable and widely detested. The fact that Terry has consistently resisted this ideology is greatly to his credit.
Like Ford, also a midwestern, Protestant, Republican advocate of what today would be called traditional family values, Olds detested unions and federal regulation.
It is fair to say that Mr Blair, for domestic reasons and for his attitude towards international politics, is the most detested Prime Minister ever.
IT used to be a firm favourite on the British dining table but tripe has now become the nation's most detested food, research reveals.
She ponders the plight of irrationally detested crows roosting in shopping center parking lots and of other creatures, such as geese, foxes, and snakes, struggling to survive under human influence.
It became very difficult to ignore all these people coming out of the Soviet Union who detested the term socialism, because to them it meant tyranny.