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  • verb

Synonyms for detest



  • hate
  • loathe
  • despise
  • abhor
  • be hostile to
  • recoil from
  • be repelled by
  • have an aversion to
  • abominate
  • dislike intensely
  • execrate
  • feel aversion towards
  • feel disgust towards
  • feel hostility towards
  • feel repugnance towards

Synonyms for detest

to regard with extreme dislike and hostility

Synonyms for detest

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Whether he is discussing what he terms a fatal political disease, that of espousing conflicting political views depending on the situation, in one of his earlier columns, " Freedom: Local and National" published in 1966, to a more recent column published in early 2003 titled "Why Islamists Detest America" wherein he examines the political economy of American society, Machan provides timely commentary on the rights of the individual.
But I've now grown to detest Mr Blair as much as Maggie.
A SCOTS surgeon who was banned from removing healthy limbs from patients who detest their bodies has applied to repeat the op at a private hospital.
Businesses now have a better alternative for offering automated customer service over the phone than the frustrating menu trees and touch tone automated phone systems that customers have grown to detest," said Paula Skokowski, vice president of marketing at General Magic.
Mr Higgins, who was jailed for a month in 2003 for opposing bin charges, said: "I detest the fact that their system is enslaving working people to 40-year mortgages.
THERE'S no middle ground with Sven - you either hate him or detest him.
That's one big reason why increasing numbers of voters detest the parties, and refuse to register as members of one.
Olmert may detest talking to Hamas until his demands are met but there is no other way forward.
There are no crowds - oh, I detest crowds - there are no lines, and she gave us a discount just because we're good customers,'' said Karen Humes, a nurse-midwife from Moorpark out browsing on her lunch hour.
Does he not know that two out of three of us detest the man?
Actually ALL of them detest Sam, although she somehow managed to come out of Tuesday's vote with fewer nominations for eviction than Roberto.
Of course, if you detest pulling your fish off the bone, as some do, you'll probably be better off with the catfish filet ($9.
I have grown to detest the sound of this word, as so many people use it and I see absolutely no need for it.
And presumably because they detest the Government and Mike Foster for trying to ban hunting, the others are Brown, Blair and Foster.
And yes, because they presumably detest the Labour government and Mike Foster for trying to ban hunting, the others are called Brown, Blair and Foster.