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Synonyms for deter

Synonyms for deter

to persuade (a person) not to do something

Synonyms for deter

try to prevent


Related Words

turn away from by persuasion

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Jones requirements of credible nuclear deterrent include (Jones 2000) first adversary must have no doubt about the capability (nuclear forces) of the deterrer; Credibility of nuclear forces to reach their targets; third development of survivable second strike forces.
Ainsi, au cours d'une rencontre tenue en mars 1998 entre le ministre de la Defense d'alors, le Marechal Hussein Tantaoui, et son homologue allemand, Berlin a revele etre prete a presenter des aides technologiques et financieres pour deterrer ces pommes de la mort.
Les participants ont profite du cinquantenaire de l'arret pour tenter de deboulonner quelques mythes, deterrer certains artefacts, redecouvrir le familier ou ce qui semble appartenir au domaine de l'evidence.
In the end, a state evaluating a conventional deterrent can assume that the deterrer will retaliate.
Brebeuf est extremement touche par le soin que prennent les sauvages a deterrer les corps, a nettoyer les os fourmillant de vers, malgre la puanteur.
Serait a retenir la lecon d'Adorno (1984; p.190) attentif a deterrer et remuer tabous et presupposes sedimentes dans les pensees et pratiques enseignantes, pour la transposer, la mettre a nouveau en oeuvre du cote cette fois des discours sur l'ecole et ses publics.
Although its value and efficacy are sometimes doubted and not always apparent, tort law is a compensator, a deterrer, an educator, a psychological therapist, an economic regulator, an ombudsperson, and an instrument for empowering the injured to help themselves and other potential victims of all sorts of wrongdoing in our society.
1191, 1195 n.9 (1994) ("If one wants to be a rational deterrer of others' threatening acts, one may have to become irrational.").
(8) Nuclear deterrence is understood as "the threat of nuclear attack as retaliation, to prevent the opponent from using violence against the vital interests of the deterrer." (9) Thus, nuclear weapons were not only thought of as an offensive weapon to be used in an effort to win a war, but rather primarily thought of as defensive measures to prevent war.
He believed that India, with nuclear-armed China and nuclearizing Pakistan for neighbors, was living in an increasingly "dangerous neighborhood." The most powerful tie that paradoxically binds proliferator to deterrer in their minuet of genocidal hostility is not mere imitation but the compulsion to respond to the nuclear terror projected by others.
We need the federal cop on the corporate beat as both an apprehender and deterrer of corporate crime." Sounds good.
(7) For example, we realize there is a difference between immediate deterrence (a potential attacker is actively considering the use of force, and the deterrer, aware of that threat, issues a counterthreat to deter) and general deterrence (the possibility of armed conflict is present, but the potential attacker is not actively considering the use of force to threaten the interests of the deterrer).