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Synonyms for deterrence

Synonyms for deterrence

Synonyms for deterrence

a negative motivational influence


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a communication that makes you afraid to try something

the act or process of discouraging actions or preventing occurrences by instilling fear or doubt or anxiety

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In fact, while attribution is crucial for punishment, it is not important for deterrence by denial or entanglement.
They were speaking on the topic 'Pakistan's Nuclear Journey: 21 Years of Deterrence and Stability'.
nuclear deterrence should be a factor of stability between Pakistan and Hindustan,' Brig Kazmi said in an exclusive media interaction with senior officials dealing with strategic affairs in Islamabad.
Full spectrum deterrence posture has been ameliorated by the induction of this weapon system remaining within the bailiwick of policy of Credible Minimum Deterrence.
Throughout the first three decades of the Cold War, virtually all the literature on deterrence dealt with nuclear deterrence.
New Delhi [India], Nov 8 ( ANI ): INS Arihant, India's first Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine, which successfully returned from a Deterrence Patrol, has enhanced India's security capabilities.
He stressed that Iran's deterrence power dissuades the enemies, including the Americans and the Zionists, from launching a military war against Iran, and said they cannot bear the large number of the casualties that they know they would sustain in the first week of any possible battle.
Previous church statements on nuclear deterrence had left moral wiggle room for the world's nuclear-armed powers.
Pakistan does not see itself chasing Prestige Model, however, it is acquainted with its underdog status in international community, thus uses nuclear weapon as a tool of Deterrence to ensure its survival.
Criminal Deterrence Theory: The History, Myths & Realities
SLCM Babur provides Pakistan Credible Second Strike Capability, augmenting the existing deterrence regime.
(1) It is argued that the same principles that successfully contributed to nuclear deterrence with the Soviet Union can be applied to cyberspace and the hostile actors that operate within.
Miguel Peco argues that instead of "strategic mobilization," a better framework for analyzing the implications of a conflict between NATO and Russia is "strategic deterrence," which he terms strategicheskoe sderzhivanie.
The Indian armed forces have moved ahead to more overt strikes then the previous ideology of muted attacks on Pakistan, an alarming situation for the country already facing hostilities on the western borders.Speakers, during a discussion at Islamabad Policy Research Institute (IPRI) said the Joint Doctrine of Indian Armed Forces 2017 explicitly acknowledges the use of "surgical strikes" as a formal part of India's toolkit, validates the existence of India's Cold Start Doctrine and clearly highlights a shift in nuclear strategy by indicating movement away from "Credible Minimum Deterrence" (CMD) to "Credible Deterrence" (CD).