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Synonyms for deter

Synonyms for deter

to persuade (a person) not to do something

Synonyms for deter

try to prevent


Related Words

turn away from by persuasion

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We will not be deterred, cannot be deterred and must not be deterred and the work of the United Nations will continue," said Ban.
She also implied that industrialists and investors - who could very likely be from parts where English schoolchildren are a minority - would be deterred by the Welsh language.
While each deterree must be assessed on a specific basis, there may be some general distinctions that can be made among the three categories of actors to be deterred.
We call this type of underinvestment "coordination failure" underinvestment--there exists an equilibrium where entry is deterred, but coordination failure may lead to one that allows entry and yields lower payoffs to all incumbents.
Because if released inmates are quickly getting rearrested, then we know that they haven't been deterred, that their punishment was obviously too light and that when out on the streets, they're offending again.
Ideologues often claimed that the old poor law inculcated a "slave" mentality into paupers who regarded support of their families as a right which the parish owed them, rather than a responsibility which spurred them to work hard and deterred rebellious behavior.
In Michigan field tests of a goby-laden river, a small version of the device deterred "almost 100 percent" of the gobies.
Who's likely to be deterred by strict spending caps?
I question how reporting on internal by independent auditors is going to deter fraudulent financial reporting resulting from cooked books when management is not deterred by the requirement for an annual audit and is able to conceal the fraud during that audit," Schuetze said during a symposium in Washington, D.
Small organizations, as well as large companies with many remote sites, recognize the availability and performance benefits of implementing networked storage, but have been deterred by the complexity and high cost previously associated with the technology.
One in 10 were deterred by footpaths crossing a property, rising to 50% if they crossed the garden close to the house.
The success of any sting operation often is measured by the number of potential offenders deterred from committing similar crimes because of the perceived chance for arrest.
Twenty-one percent report that a lack of confidence the machine got the deposit right deterred them from making cash/check deposits at an ATM, while 11 percent said looking for or hassling with filling out a deposit envelope deters them from making cash or check deposits at an ATM.
Rabbi Abraham Cooper, assistant dean at the Simon Wiesenthal Center, which was Furrow's original target until he was deterred by security, said he hoped the life sentence for Furrow will deter others with racist views.
10) Because the officers' actions in obtaining the search warrant were completely reasonable under the fourth amendment, the Court concluded that there was no inappropriate police conduct that could be deterred.