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Synonyms for deter

Synonyms for deter

to persuade (a person) not to do something

Synonyms for deter

try to prevent


Related Words

turn away from by persuasion

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Hart famously disagreed, reasoning that absolving the undeterrable might encourage the deterrable to offend and feign undeterrability.
That does not suggest that, when the police are guilty of culpable conduct, they are more deterrable the more culpable that conduct becomes.
While the biggest question mark is al-Qaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas have both proven themselves deterrable over the years.
The facts that al-Qa'ida protects its key members and that some of the organization's support system may be deterrable are far from demonstrating that "the organization itself .
W]hile so called rogue states may be deterrable, many are only partially deterrable, or deterrable at too high a moral cost.
From a utilitarian perspective, people who kill a stranger in order to avoid harm to themselves or their loved ones are not deterrable by criminal sanctions.
intelligence community sees Iran's leadership as deterrable, and that Iran's cost-benefit calculations would respond to military alternatives to attacking Iran's nuclear facilities--such as theater missile defenses--or the containment approach suggested by General John Abizaid.
We also believe, though, that we may come into contact with nation-states or non-state actors that are not deterrable, that are not affected by arms control measures," he continued.
If Satan is deterrable, then being given full information about the future will "compel" him to abandon thoughts of rebellion, while if he is undeterrable, giving him full information will have no effect.
By contrast, the Bush team devoted most of its energy to supposed axis-of-evil "state sponsors," like Saddam Hussein, who in truth were little more than interested onlookers and were usually deterrable.
If they do acquire nuclear weapons, however, they are imminently deterrable.
However, available evidence indicates that Iran is deterrable, and would be particularly so when faced with the devastating repercussions that would result from the use of a nuclear weapon.
Desirable types, however, are often more deterrable than
The tenets of deterrence almost certainly apply to state sponsors of terrorism, and while traditional deterrence through the threat of retaliation is less likely to be effective with terrorists than with state actors, it is worth further study to assess which terrorists or groups may be deterrable and by what methods.
167) This vision of the typical criminal not only seems intuitively more blameworthy than the rank-and-file perpetrator swept up in the "maelstrom of violence," but also, perhaps, more deterrable.