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(philosophy) a philosophical theory holding that all events are inevitable consequences of antecedent sufficient causes

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One reason that critics of Eisenstein's The Printing Press as an Agent of Change have accused it of technological determinism, as evidenced in this volume, is that a number of its proponents seem to use the language of determinism without concern, reflecting back on Eisenstein--who has tried to distance herself from theorists like Marshall McLuhan and Walter Ong--in a way that we might assume she would have resisted.
I believe that no argument is needed to convince the readers that the so-called "hard determinism," which rules out free will, and hence also independent personal choice, is incompatible with PEL.
Chapter 4 addresses the assumption that critics fault naturalistic narratives for refusing to uphold a strict determinism, for permitting characters to have free will.
This discussion of the relativizing of classic christological vocabulary complements, or is complemented by, Yoder's challenge to historical determinism. In Jewish-Christian Schism Revisited, Yoder raised the possibility that "it did not have to be." One principal aspect of that argument came from his challenge to the common approach to historical writing that identifies a contemporary situation, and then searches for the cause of that situation.
We can pick up rumours of that emergence in many ways: the anarchic, global neighbourliness of the web; the spread of Buddhism and Ignatian spirituality among young urban professionals; new movements in music and poetry; a trend away from determinism among physicists and an openness to metaphysics among philosophers; a new concern for beauty in engineers and architects; the acute ecological awareness of our children; the compassion with which millions responded to the tsunami victims.
Shifting the portrait genre to the physiognomic (and criminological) bodily detail of utter singularity, Genzken's photographs pointed simultaneously to the infinite differentiation of subjectivity and to the determinism inherent in the mythical claim that subjectivity could in fact still be recorded in a photographic portrait.
The last two chapters by Thistlethwaite give the reader important points to ponder on determinism and freedom, dualism, grace, and community.
Diamond states that his objective is to investigate societal collapses "involving an environmental component, and in some cases also contributions of climate change, hostile neighbours, and trade partners, plus questions of societal responses." He insists that he makes no claim that environmental problems are at the root of all societal collapses, perhaps hoping to avoid the charge of environmental determinism. This is the doctrine that history is determined by some environmental cause that leaves humanity with little or no control over its fate.
Will we succumb to genetic determinism, neglecting the role of the environment and undervaluing the human spirit?"
The Most Real Being: A Biblical And Philosophical Defense Of Divine Determinism by biblical scholar J.
Written by a Professor of Philosophy of the University of South Florida, Tampa from 1968 to the present, Marxist Ethics: A Short Exposition is a brief yet scholarly examination of Marxism's moral tenets, from the question of determinism to the nexus of morality, politics, and arts to the needs and rights of the individual, why mainstream Anglo-American philosophy does not regard Marxism as a moral perspective worthy of note, and much more.
The studies of Sweden and South Korea are good examples of this analysis as they highlight the significance of party politics and cultural history over pure economic determinism. Moreover, the case studies also highlight the varying ways governments have approached redistribution and the extent to which universal benefits have become a hallmark of nations that maintain a high level of expenditure today.
Generations have accepted the idea of intrinsic qualities and values differentiating men and women and leading to special strengths and weaknesses in each: the authors here argue that biological determinism is bunk--and chapters draw on years of research to prove it.
I am most troubled by his assumption that there is only "naturalism" or "dualism," and that a "naturalist" must conclude with some form of determinism, though we can "grasp that determinism could be true without undermining the naturalist's interpretation of her experience as free." Rejecting the compatibilist interpretation of freedom, he proposes that "freedom isn't so much done, as it happens" (italics his).