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an argument that is conclusive

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"We can confirm at no point was Patrick Hannon's and Jake Archer's sexual orientation a determining factor as to whether they could or could not enter the bar.
Los Angeles [U.S.A], November 1 ( ANI ): Hollywood veteran Mark Hamill has revealed that Harrison ford was the determining factor in his return to the 'Star Wars' franchise.
Mohammed Ali Lootah, an Executive Director at Dubai Economic Department, said the qualifications of the candidate were the determining factor in choosing who to vote for.
Home advantage is often a determining factor in these ties however and Louth boss Colin Kelly will be relieved to have that much on his side after a trying first few months in charge.
Price is not their primary determining factor: They care about coverage.
The general election will be decided by the electorate's view of the performance of the Coalition government and the economic situation will be the determining factor.
Ultimately cost would be the determining factor. I wish the engine well.
The Scammonden racer says qualifying will be the determining factor in challenging for the podium.
* Consumers and businesses still consider green building materials an important component of new build or remodel projects: 69% of consumers said that using green building products is somewhat important to them, but not a top/ determining factor while 18% responded it is an extremely important decision factor Likewise, 68% of building professionals said using green building products is somewhat important, but not a top/determining factor; while 18% said that it is an extremely important decision factor.
As owning stock represents ownership of the company, including all its equity, capitalization could represent the public opinion of a company's net worth and is a determining factor in stock valuation.
"Let's be clear, Walcott was not the determining factor, the determining factor was Almunia, who saved 12,000 balls," the 39-year-old said.
This fiasco is going to be a determining factor for us the voters in deciding which party has the greatest integrity.
Summary: The English weather could be the determining factor against the relocated Indian Premier League being played in England.
Ayoob (international relations, Michigan State U.) and Kosebalaban (political science, Lake Forest College) and 10 contributors take issue with what appears to be a commonly-held belief that Wahhabism was the determining factor in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack and other acts of terrorist violence.
Large cup size at a young age is a determining factor for developing diabetes mellitus later in life.