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Synonyms for determiner

an argument that is conclusive

one of a limited class of noun modifiers that determine the referents of noun phrases

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Pour determiner la composition du vaccin, l'OMS analyse les donnees de ses centres nationaux de la grippe, repartis dans une centaine de pays et qui surveillent la circulation des virus durant la saison en cours.
These associated properties provide us with the conditions contained in the reference determiner.
For example, the word poet is categorized as a noun because (a) it can be pluralized, as in two poets (morphosyntactic property); (b) it occupies a specific syntactic position in the NP a poet, that is, it is preceded by a determiner (distribution); (c) it has a specific function in the clause, that is, it can function as the subject of a finite clause in English, as in A poet won a competition (for a more detailed description of the linguistic criteria, see, e.g., Tallerman, 2011, p.
La commission vise a determiner "d'eventuels dysfonctionnements" dans l'action de l'executif socialiste entre le 4 decembre 2012, date des premieres revelations du site d'information Mediapart sur le compte en Suisse non declare de l'ex-ministre au Budget, et le 2 avril 2013, date de sa mise en examen.
In terms of gender-marked determiners, infants learning German rely on the preceding determiner to assign gender to a noun (MacWhinney, 1978).
By itself, determination by negation cannot comprise any determinacy determined by some prior determiner, such as in the two-tiered relationships of essence and appearance, thing and its properties, whole and parts, grounded and grounded, or cause and effect.
--Differential Determiner of an option compared to the rest in terms of adverbs that modify, limit or condition the content of an option.
In sentences generated by competent language users, all nouns combine or Merge with determiners and become determiner phrases (DP).
In the first example of the pair the determiner se is coreferenced with the pronoun he.
In Cities, Sin, and Social Reform in Imperial Germany, Andrew Lees examines the confluence of three forces at work in Imperial Germany; industrialized urbanization, the (re)definition of moral order, and middle-class activism as the determiner of that moral order.
If the postulated discourse entity corresponding to the DP in SpecCP of a topicalized sentence must be retracted due to the occurrence of a later determiner (in split-topicalization) or due to the need to scope under a subsequent quantifier, the sentence should be difficult to process.
B argues that the Bankruptcy Code makes the bankruptcy judge (not a contract between the parties) the determiner of whether, when and how much an outside professional will be paid.
They found the development of the gene CSD (Complementary Sex Determiner) mainly led to female worker bees and a few male drones, which mated with the queen bee.