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Synonyms for determinative

serving the function of deciding or settling with finality

determining or having the power to determine an outcome

Synonyms for determinative

one of a limited class of noun modifiers that determine the referents of noun phrases

having the power or quality of deciding

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For about two decades now, determinatives have been subjected to close scrutiny in quite a few books and articles.
Grinevald simply ask: What are determinatives or classifiers for?
There is a conceptual problem with the author's categorization of determinatives (p.
Reynolds also argues that these words pass his first property of determinatives, namely, their inability to combine with a or the or with each other except in coordination (p.
There are three ways to read these glyphs: as the word man (za) and woman (zat); as first-person pronouns (both pronounced "ee"); or as determinatives of gender.
The two glyphs at the end of the word lakbyt, "mourning woman," are determinatives that illustrate its meaning.
The examples in (14) are semantically partitive, and there is nothing about their syntax which is at odds with interpreting them as determinatives that take a complement, and specifically a partitive one, in all these examples, save that the construction may be elliptical, as in (15).
the non-singulative (22b)); and, unlike overt singular determinatives, this internal singulative does not inhibit the plural inflexion.
Hieroglyphs function either as ideograms, as phonograms, or as determinatives.
And when functioning as a determinative, the same hieroglyph appears at the end of a word--as all determinatives do--and marks words denoting all kinds of buildings.
Turning to the syntactic points that Lenchuk and Ahmed bring up, they first attack the claim that determinatives can participate in the partitive construction as defined in Reynolds (2013).
These descriptions suggest that the authors are describing a category of words analogous to noun, adjective, and preposition, but although Palmer (1924) explicitly calls determinatives a category and recognizes their various functions, he also says that they may be used as modifiers (a FUNCTION, e.
In contrast, the book roll determinative belongs to the superordinate [ABSTRACT] category, and for this reason is used for the verb, which represents "the verbal uttering of an order that may afterwards be translated into a document, but has at this stage nothing to do with the medium" (p.
437 below the hm-sign in the name of the addressee read a t + female determinative, and the whole line is to be corrected into n Hm.
Verse 54: the determinative of the man with raised arms has been omitted in A.