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Synonyms for determinative

serving the function of deciding or settling with finality

determining or having the power to determine an outcome

Synonyms for determinative

one of a limited class of noun modifiers that determine the referents of noun phrases

having the power or quality of deciding

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In Awassi sheep, the most determinative characteristics in the LD, TB and SMD muscles were found as 0.
Although an independent contractor agreement will not be determinative, it is a good place for employers to start to set expectations and shape the scope of the relationship.
While a formal note is evidence that a shareholder distribution is a loan, the lack of such a note or certificate of debt is not a determinative factor.
It follows that his adamant denial of uttering the words alleged is not of itself determinative of the issues.
The focus of scholarship should be the world system, he argues, because the incentives for rise and decline are global in nature, and local processes are rarely determinative.
He asks: "What does it matter that we in ELT might call my a determinative and many a pronoun, or that we hew to frameworks largely left behind by linguists?
However, neither the Energy Ministry nor the JSC Power Plants analyzed the offer or responded to CMEC invitation to discuss the project; The Ministry of Energy and Industry failed to provide convincing arguments proving the correctness of the decision, and their reference to the recommendation of the Chinese Embassy is not a determinative argument.
Sometimes this term is accompanied by a determinative, in order to define the nature of the word deterrence more accurately; for example, nuclear deterrence presumes that the discouraging factor is the nuclear armament.
Mr Jones said: "The loss of the community and tourism facility is not determinative in this case.
In the afternoon the data on ZEW index will be determinative.
Mr McCabe said: "In that reply, the Planning Inspectorate rebuffed my argument by stating the 'technical argument', rather than level of local opposition, is the determinative factor when ruling on planning applications.
While no one factor can be considered determinative, some key program quality elements include: (1) Small class sizes and ratios--20 or fewer children, with two adults; (2) Well trained, adequately compensated and qualified teachers; (3) Strong links to social and health services; and (4) Attention to families' needs, including wrap-around child care.
His dream and dedication to contribute towards the science and national defense of the country lead his life style to be simple yet determinative.
The determinative at the end indicates that the musician is male.
The democratic principle prescribes that the culture of the majority is determinative of the legal structure," he said.