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Synonyms for determinative

serving the function of deciding or settling with finality

determining or having the power to determine an outcome

Synonyms for determinative

one of a limited class of noun modifiers that determine the referents of noun phrases

having the power or quality of deciding

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The variety and quality of the catheter and introducer ranges, coupled with the training and support provided, were determinative factors in our selection process.
The determination is not an exact science and no single factor is determinative.
However, management's ability to sustain balanced operations will be determinative since risks still remain.
The Service argues that the transfer of tide from the asphalt manufacturer to the taxpayer is determinative, as opposed to whether the asphalt has the "physical properties necessary for it to be held for sales `at the end of the day.
No factor, however, is ever considered determinative on its own.
In Gilmore, 372 US 39 (1963), the Supreme Court held that the "primary purpose" test is not determinative in certain instances and that the true test of whether an expense should be deductible is the origin and character from which the claim arose (the "origin of claim" doctrine).
The fact that a state, local legislative body, agency or court authorized or approved a particular compensation package paid to a disqualified person is not determinative of the reasonableness of compensation for Sec.
Notwithstanding the Bronk and Renda decisions, recent cases appear to find plan language determinative in deciding whether individuals are eligible to participate.
If liquidated damages were designed to compensate ADEA victims, we [the Court] see no reason why the employer's knowledge of the unlawfulness of his conduct should be a determinative factor in the award of liquidated damages.
Typically, the determinative factor in ascertaining the applicability of the attorney-client privilege is that the communication be made in confidence for the purpose of obtaining legal advice from the lawyer.
The mere fact that property is (or has been) rented is not determinative that such property is not used by the taxpayer as his principal residence.
Kildee said, "I do think it's important that we evaluate the agreement on its own merits, and the case of the Americans [held prisoner] is a consideration, but shouldn't be determinative.
I am sure that when the IC has an update or anything determinative, they'll be in a position to update you.
In this determinative process, the side that challenged the ballot has to provide a legitimate legal reason for the challenge and evidence to support it.
The current system of petitioning for the exercise of the royal prerogative of mercy has been criticised by legal commentators on a number of grounds, including the lack of formal process and transparency, and a perception that political rather than legal matters may be determinative.