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Synonyms for determinant

Synonyms for determinant

the site on the surface of an antigen molecule to which an antibody attaches itself

a square matrix used to solve simultaneous equations

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having the power or quality of deciding

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In addition, incorporating determinants of potential escape mutants into a polyvalent universal M2e vaccine would likely further impede emergence of escape mutants.
According to her, various organs of government like ministries of education, municipality and trade can be important determinants of health.
1999) Social Determinants of Health, Oxford, Oxford University Press.
The findings highlighted three other main reasons why FFPs were considered an insignificant determinant in corporation airline selection.
Several epistemological systems are at work, to greater or lesser degrees, in the social determinants of health paradigm: objectivism, constructionism, and subjectivism.
Most of studies of capital structure are focused on examine the determinants of capital structure to explain the optimal capital structure.
Following the same study, as well as Hilscher and Nosbusch (2010), we include the global volatility indicator V1X as an additional determinant of sovereign risk.
He mentioned that the fourth determinant relies on settling a plan to rationalise fuel consumption by 3% to 5%, to save an expected amount of EGP 3-4bn.
A better understanding of these determinants is essential for our preparedness for the next emerging or re-emerging disease that will inevitably confront us," says Dr.
The book provides guidance not only on systems of linear equations and matrix algebra but also on the often-harder-to-grasp topics of vector spaces, linear transformations, determinants, and eigenvector problems.
To examine immigration status and ethnicity as determinants of breastfeeding, analysts used information collected from 4,207 mothers and 3,013 fathers just after the birth and in follow-up interviews about a year later.
Determinants of Student Achievement: New Evidence from San Diego.
What are the challenges to addressing social determinants of health and what work still needs to be done?
AN EARLY evaluation of the Government's rheumatic fever prevention programme (RFPP) has highlighted the need to address the social determinants of health in the battle against the disease.