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Synonyms for determinant

Synonyms for determinant

the site on the surface of an antigen molecule to which an antibody attaches itself

a square matrix used to solve simultaneous equations

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having the power or quality of deciding

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Thus, a firm's experience seems to be a significant determinant in location choice.
This study is one of the most rarely attempts to determine the determinants of capital structure in a sample of the Omani Industrial companies (food, construction and chemical) listed on Muscat Securities Market.
For these variables, the answer "the determinant rather has effect" occurs significantly more frequently than the other two ([p-value.
The decision tree model constructed with the CART algorithm revealed GDP per capita as the most important determinant for estimating the share of GDP allocated to health expenditure.
Eventually, 11 publications were included in the analysis of this paper published during the period 2006-2017, all of them focusing on studying the determinant factors of eco-innovation.
One issue each clinic in the pilot had to work through was which staff members they wanted gathering the social determinant data from the patient and how to explain to patients why this new data is being gathered.
Human Capital as Determinant of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Pakistan.
The overall state of the economy is an important determinant of sovereign default risk, as the ability of the government to finance its expenditures through taxes depends on the economic performance of the country.
Social determinants of health range from housing, literacy, job training and access to transportation and social support networks to socioeconomic levels, exposure to crime and violence, access to media and even cultural norms.
Instead, the discourse on the determinants of health quickly became a discourse on the social and economic determinants of health, culminating of course in the work and the report of the WHO Commission on the Social Determinants of Health.
Background: Preterm birth is a common cause of death in newborns and may result from many determinants, but evidence for the socioeconomic and environmental determinants of preterm birth in Tibetan women of childbearing age is limited.
Rather, he argues, insofar as they are able to break free at least partially from their prior determinants and to refigure those determinants anew, literary texts embody a formal speculative capacity that prevents their final adsorption or neutralization by those prior conditions, even as the result may well be stasis or immobility rather than, for example, contestation or critique.
a Silicon Valley-headquartered healthcare analytics company, launched a free tool, the Social Determinants of Health Portal, designed to help providers understand and monitor the impacts of social determinants of health on patient population across every county and work towards achieving better health outcomes.
Social determinants of health is a term defined by the Healthy People 2020 (Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, n.
Recently a number of calls have been made to mobilise the arsenal of political science insights to investigate--and point to improvements in--the social determinants of health (SDH), and health equity.