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Synonyms for deterioration

Synonyms for deterioration

descent to a lower level or condition

a marked loss of strength or effectiveness

Synonyms for deterioration

a symptom of reduced quality or strength

process of changing to an inferior state

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We recorded age, sex, neurologic status, tumor site and size, extent of PTVE according to Trittmatcher's criteria (13) (none, perifocal, or hemispheric), previous history of meningioma resection, extent of present resection (total or subtotal), intraoperative technical difficulties (difficult approach because of tumor vascularity and invasiveness with subsequent increased surgical manipulation and trauma), pre- and postoperative 7-day course of serum S-100B values, postoperative neurologic deterioration and computerized tomography (CT) scan, cause of deterioration (hematoma with shift, increase of edema, or ischemic changes), histologic type based on WHO classification (2,14), and 6-month Glasgow Outcome Scale (15).
Joffe H, Cohen LS and Harlow BL, Impact of oral contraceptive pills on premenstrual mood: predictors of improvement and deterioration, American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2003, 189(6):1523-1530.
That's an awful lot of people who are out there doing great things on the hardwood, and so, please, everyone, stop bugging us with the nonsense about deterioration.
Sometimes, deterioration sneaks up so subtly that, for awhile, it's noticeable only on the molecular level.
The deterioration process begins on a microscopic level but with repeated exposures to the fluctuating temperatures, the concrete eventually crumbles.
Reasoning that the anti-inflammatory therapy would work best where little permanent structural damage had occurred, the researchers restricted their trial to patients with only mild lung deterioration.
We had to work with the building by carefully analyzing the materials and their level of deterioration before deciding on cleaning and restoring methods.
Respondents were significantly more concerned with credit conditions in the asset-backed market, with 62% expecting some deterioration, up from 45% in the June 2006 survey.
Indeed, "complete building shutdowns are increasingly frequent," Murrell said, owing to the deterioration and obsolescence of BARC facilities -- 77 percent of which are at least 50 years old.
The balcony restoration project was undertaken because of extensive deterioration on many of the terraces, creating a potentially dangerous condition.
In AMSI series 2002-4, class M4, monthly losses have exceeded the available excess spread in recent months, which has caused deterioration in the overcollateralization (OC) amount.
Drawing from his quarter-century of experience as an art conservator, he suggests that even routine "cleanings" of oil paintings may hasten deterioration rather than delay it.
During subsequent hospital admissions, the man's progressive deterioration became increasingly evident--he sank deeper and deeper into a vegetative stupor, his speech became unintelligible, his movements erratic and he was soon unable to perform simple tasks.
08 million outstanding in aggregate) are being downgraded due to monthly losses which have generally exceeded excess spread and caused deterioration in the overcollateralization (OC) amount.
Avner Halperin, EarlySense co-founder and CEO said today: "Early identification of chronic disease deterioration is the missing link in improving the outcomes of hundreds of millions of chronic patients across the globe.