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Synonyms for deter

Synonyms for deter

to persuade (a person) not to do something

Synonyms for deter

try to prevent


Related Words

turn away from by persuasion

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It concludes that DOD is overinvesting in offensive Air-Sea Battle capabilities beyond what is necessary and prudent to deter China from attacking U.
However, if accumulated yellow cards really do deter aggressive play, then one might also expect to see a reduction in fouls since some fouls, even if inadvertent, might result in a yellow card.
Simon Rubinsohn, RICS chief economist, said: "Our research indicates that an increase in the rate of CGT is likely to deter new investors from entering the buy-to-let market, at a time of acute shortage of affordable accommodation.
If squirrels are hogging the bird feeder, there are a number of feeder styles that will deter them, including some with a perch that starts to spin whenever a creature heavier than a bird steps on it, tossing the invader gently off.
It has been adopted by Holmfirth Co-op to deter gangs of up to 50 from loitering outside the store and has been used on the London Underground.
They argued that rogue states would try to deter U.
Officers, who will also be giving general crime prevention tips, hope the ringing sound generated by the bells when a purse is moved will deter thieves and alert potential victims to offenders.
Upon completion, students will have a greater appreciation of the role of enforcement agencies to prevent, deter, and mitigate threats to security in the maritime environment.
More specifically, Waldman (1987) considers uncertainty regarding the exact investment needed to deter entry and demonstrates that while such uncertainty causes underinvestment in the Bernheim framework, introducing uncertainty in the G&V model does not change their original conclusions and free riding remains nonexistent.
That didn't deter the Supreme Court from (to put it mildly) "hinting" the opposite; heck, it didn't even deter most parliamentarians who voted that way from talking out of the other side of their mouth now.
Supporters argue that sending juveniles to adult prisons will deter other teens from dropping out of high school.
From Iran to North Korea, the administration finds itself awkwardly trying to stitch alliances and balance carrots and sticks to deter proliferators, all with limited success.
More than half of doctors believe raising the normal pension age from 60 to 65 would deter people from joining the NHS, a survey revealed today.
Join ARA's Fight to Deter Youth Obesity--One Step at a Time
Making travellers carry a biometric passport or pay pounds 67 for a visa won't deter terrorists from entering the US, they'll just find other ways to attack.