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an institution where juvenile offenders can be held temporarily (usually under the supervision of a juvenile court)

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Oyama decided to visit him at the detention house so as to know at firsthand why the father destroyed his family.
The detention house is monitored 24 hours a day with the help of traditional security technology, including CCTV cameras, alarms, a listening device, and an intercom system.
The execution chamber at the Tokyo Detention House was shown to the media for the first time Friday.
In Tokyo on Wednesday, Justice Minister Keiko Chiba, a former member of a parliamentary group against the death penalty, said Japan hanged Kazuo Shinozawa, 59, and Hidenori Ogata, 33, at the Tokyo Detention House.
In an unusual move, Chiba herself attended the executions of Kazuo Shinozawa, 59, and Hidenori Ogata, 33, at the Tokyo Detention House, telling a press conference, ''I attended the executions today as I believe it is my duty to see (the process) through as the person who orders it.
The 1st ba is divided as follows: A) conversion and renovation of the outer gate and the vehicle lock; B) reconstruction and renovation of the former hospital; C) gradual conversion and renovation of the detention house (wings a, D).
He was sent to the local detention house the next day.
Hayashi, who is in the Osaka Detention House, said in her own statement, ''I am not involved in the curry-poisoning case at all.
TOKYO - Disqualified architect Hidetsugu Aneha, involved in an earthquake-resistance data fabrication scandal, has been detained at the Tokyo Detention House, prosecution authorities said Thursday.
The Iran Prisons Organization also organizes visits to Evin Detention House by Tehran justice authorities, judicial students from the university and court judges.
1 detention house, which houses the majority of Beijing's condemned, in Dougezhuang town, the Beijing Youth Daily reported.
Nishimoto was hanged at the Tokyo detention house, Makino at the Fukuoka detention house, and Kawamura and Sato at the Nagoya detention house.
The three executed inmates were Seiha Fujima, 47, and Hiroki Fukawa, 42, who were hanged at the Tokyo Detention House, and Noboru Ikemoto, 74, who was executed at the Osaka Detention House, according to the Justice Ministry.
Another panelist, Michio Tsukada, served as a prison chaplain at the Nagoya Detention House from 1981 to 1995.
The boards monitor prison and detention house conditions, investigate inmate complaints and convey problems to the relevant authorities, according to Sahinbas.