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an institution where juvenile offenders can be held temporarily (usually under the supervision of a juvenile court)

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The county detention home was about four miles outside the town limits of Bellingham.
Two key trends in Virginia have brought an end to crowding in detention homes, which has allowed new opportunities for rehabilitation.
OTC BB:PLRP) announced today that the company has been awarded a follow-on contract by the County of Prince William for enhancing its JDH(TM) automated information system for the tracking and administration of youths under the care of the Juvenile Detention Home.
Although the 1899 Juvenile Court Law required that adolescents be detained separately from adults, Cook County did not build a designated Juvenile Detention Home (as part of a new Juvenile Court building) until 1907.
In 1934, a CCCWB supervisor warned co-workers that the Detention Home should not become a "dumping ground" for children, commenting that county personnel sometimes "place[d] children in [the] Detention Home and [were] very slow about making plans for removal.
HAIFA, ISRAEL -- Sultan Subouh, 32, has spent most of his life high on drugs, in detention homes or behind bars.
On the basis of the 1945 study, and in an effort to establish standards where none had existed, the Association published Detention for Juvenile Court; a Discussion of Principles and Practices and its companion piece, The Design and Construction of Detention Homes for the Juvenile Court.
Blacks were segregated: cases involving blacks were heard on different days of the week from those involving whites; detention homes and court staff were segregated by race; fewer resources were devoted to black children; and consequently, the court less often prescribed supervision, treatment or punishment for black children.
Johnson runs a training center, Lava Studio, which offers classes for children and adults, including programs for newly immigrated teenagers and girls transitioning from detention homes.
The bill also permits family courts to keep young suspects in detention homes for a maximum period of eight weeks during their hearings, double the current period.
He has had numerous scrapes with the law and has been in and out of detention homes and prisons for the past eight years.
Vendor Must Have Experience With Secure Residential Facilities Such As Juvenile Detention Homes And Jails.
An example from a book written by a reformer of juvenile detention homes in 1877 helps to illuminate this contrast.
The target audience includes parents, counselors, teachers, therapists, and staff members of juvenile detention homes and child welfare agencies.