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a narrative about someone who investigates crimes and obtains evidence leading to their resolution

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is presented as a detective story, but that's only half of its appeal.
Yet when we examine Van Dines rules we see many implications that characterization is just not the point of a detective story.
We thought that by asking them to write a detective story they could cover all the major subjects.
The detective story long predates this apogee, however, and is normally said to have begun in the fertile brain of the great American writer Edgar Allan Poe (1809-49), especially in the three stories of his Parisian detective C.
POE singlehandedly invented the modern detective story with this tale, and it still stands-up with the best of 'em.
At a spare 128 pages, Detective Story is barely a novel, yet it's surprisingly robust, as Kertesz renders a chilling parable with well-developed characters in an incredibly efficient manner.
Mahole (2002) emphasises the structure of the Sepedi detective story, while Machiu (1995) examines the characteristic features of a Sepedi detective story, namely exposition, development, climax, and denouement.
Even more remarkable than these later works was the success of his detective story from the film world, The Face on the Cutting-Room Floor, which he published in London in 1937 only a few years after arriving there as a schoolboy escaping from Nazi Germany.
Connecticut in 1965 is the setting for this intricately plotted detective story by the well-known author of The Thorn Birds and many other novels, whose skill in developing fully fleshed characters is abundantly evident.
Minerva's plucky personality once again drives a fine detective story filled with adventure and humor alike.
Part detective story, part marvelous cultural history" is how this account of the life and legacy of John Henry is described.
Written in the style of a detective story, the book examines, tosses out and then re-examines many trends and ideas in order to come to a conclusion that unlocks the mystery of what's to come.
Following Houze through an epic journey that began with the discovery of his sisters in a photograph and his mother's confession concerning their existence, Twilight People simply captivates its readers in a kind of real life detective story through the persistent efforts Houze had to exert in seeking out the members of his long lost family.
The plot doesn't matter that much, either, in writer-director Shane Black's entertaining deconstruction of the detective story, ``Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,'' which also happens to be the title to a book of film criticism by Pauline Kael.
Part history, part detective story, and even part travelogue, this is astronomy journalist Kanipe's attempt to explain cosmology to the average reader.