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novel in which the reader is challenged to solve a puzzle before the detective explains it at the end

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Suspense stories by Swedish detective novel authors are examples of successful novels that will live on after the hardback issue as paperbacks, audio books, eBooks and movies.
Houfaninow lives in Canada, and from there, she kindly answered a few questions about her experience as a writer in Algeria at the time, and about her detective novel Pirates of the Desert .
Cities and detective novels, says O'Yeah, have a deep connection.
Curiously, Wright distinguished the detective novel from other literature by its reliance on verisimilitude, the very thing he was attacked for.
As the clock ticks, Strike and Robin grapple with unseen challenges and convoluted connections in the style of great detective novels.
Rowling's detective novel ''The Silkworm'' was in the top 100 by late Thursday for both print and e-book sales.
The Silkworm," Rowling's second Galbraith detective novel, is out June 19.
The constant presence of the past adds intrigue to this part travelogue, part detective novel, set in Italy.
NOW that JK Rowling has owned up to writing the previously unheralded detective novel The Cuckoo's Calling, I'm hoping someone admits they used Ben Elton's name to get the sitcom The Wright Way aired by the BBC.
In an account equal parts sociology, epidemiology, and detective novel, veteran environmental journalist Dan Fagin chronicles the ordeal of this quiet coastal town, which for decades was a dumping ground for chemical manufacturers.
A powerful blend of fantasy and detective novel keeps this fast-paced and powerful, and highly recommended for prior fans and collections specializing in fantasy or P.
As I was reading a throwaway detective novel the other day, I came across a metaphor taken straight from the pages of metalcasting.
Robert Smith, chairman of the Manorial Society of Great Britain, said: "The Hound of the Baskervilles is probably the most famous detective novel in the world and this offers the chance to own a part of its history.
In Rio fugitivo (Fugitive River, 1998), he describes the local bourgeoisie as he makes his foray into the detective novel.
Bentley's (1875-1956) Trent's Last Case (1913), with the triple twist in its ending, often described as the first modern detective novel, with several unexpected twists in the plot and the least likely person as the killer.