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Synonyms for detainment

the condition or fact of being made late or slow

Synonyms for detainment

a state of being confined (usually for a short time)

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Kanpur [Uttar Pradesh] [India], Feb 20 ( ANI ): The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) here on Tuesday negated the reports of detainment of Rotomac Global Pvt Ltd.
com/how-many-people-are-detained-trumps-immigration-ban-could-skyrocket-detention-2483292) detainments and (http://www.
You should similarly affect the means detainment conveniences deliver the results as well as how the arrested plan to remerge society.
When he left office on May 20, 2008, it was under a cloud of ethics issues, which soon led to his detainment and conviction on corruption charges.
I support the detainment and deportation of all those found complicit in criminal violations and identity fraud," the German Interior Minister told reporters in a special press conference in the German capital.
15 May 2016 - 15:21 THE PRESIDENT OF VENEZUELA WARNED about SEIZURE of the CLOSED FACTORIES As the stiff shortage of food, medicine and initial goods continues in Venezuela, the president of the state threatened that the government may fine and seize the factories in which the production process is halt and may charge their managers with detainment He announced an emergency status whole around the country on Friday.
Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) condemned in a Sunday statement the detainment of Tunisian academic and writer Amal Garmi by Egyptian authorities.
We are so sorry about that," in his statement concerning to detainment of editor-in-chief of Cumhuriyet daily Can DE-ndar and the paper's Ankara representative Erdem GE-l on Friday.
We call on the Turkish authorities for a swift end to this unjust detainment and to grant his immediate release.
According to a new report by Jordan's Arabic daily al-Ghad, Sayyaf played a pivotal role in questioning and investigating the 26-year-old pilot, who was also reportedly placed under Sayyaf's supervision during his detainment.
KARACHI -- The Anti-Terrorist Court in Karachi remanded Sunni Ittehad Council leader Tariq Mehboob to Rangers Sindh for 90 days onward detainment.
Outside experts claim North Korea's detainment of its southern neighbours could be an attempt to pressure South Korea or to raise northern hostility towards the country.
Now in their fourth week of detainment, the families of Conrad Clitheroe, Gary Cooper and Neil Munro have been heavily campaigning for the Manchester residents' release.
Palestinian women are still subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment, torture, and psychological abuse throughout the process of their detainment.