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Synonyms for detail

Synonyms for detail

an individually considered portion of a whole

one of the conditions or facts attending an event and having some bearing on it

a small, often specialized element of a whole

a unit of troops on special assignment


to make specific

Synonyms for detail

an isolated fact that is considered separately from the whole

a small part that can be considered separately from the whole

extended treatment of particulars

a crew of workers selected for a particular task

Related Words

assign to a specific task

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One provision stipulates that all officers on detail are paid for a minimum of four hours, even if they only work a fraction of the four-hour detail.
The detail in the old wooden door adds a patina of age and wear, telling us something of the souls who may have once lived behind it.
My personal favourites are the pared down steel details of Manuel de las Casas' Cultural Centre in Zamora, Spain and the similarly reduced limestone cladding details of Rafael Moneo's City Hall in Murcia, Spain (AR July 1999)--one of the great masterpieces of modern architecture.
The new E-economy may soon offer an entirely different information flow relative to the way we deliver technical details now.
We wanted to give photographers even more control over their image detail, so we're really excited to offer this major Detail upgrade to our customers," said Nichole Paschal, Director of Marketing.
When tests of details are necessary, audit sampling may be involved.
Topaz Detail's underlying algorithm employs the most recent advances in detail enhancement technology.
Stirling University Library FREEDOM ROAD: See Fri for details.
Call festival manager Adrian King for details at 713-839-7377.
A short but well-done chapter on the Falklands War of 1982 between Great Britain and Argentina provides details on the first modern missile war of the late 20th century.
For details telephone Gez on 0785 5463 438 or Terry on 024 7662 6418.
I think of Details as the Pearl Jam of the magazine world, the glittery showplace where rebellion, individualism, and nonconformity are conveniently packaged and paired with all of the correct accessories.
Vue, Stirling RED SPARROW (15): See Fri for details.
Your guide to Halloween events across North Wales TODAY Talacre Danger Point Danger Detective Quest 11am-4pm Details 01745 850414 dangerpoint.
6 - CBI Senior Executive Lunch with Rhian Chilcott, head of CBIAEs Washington office, at AWM, Priestley Wharf, Birmingham, details pauline.