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Synonyms for detach

detach yourself from something


  • distance yourself from
  • disengage yourself from
  • remove yourself from
  • separate yourself from
  • liberate yourself from
  • disconnect yourself from
  • disentangle yourself from

Synonyms for detach

to separate one thing from another thing

to become or cause to become apart one from another

to remove from association with

Synonyms for detach

cause to become detached or separated

separate (a small unit) from a larger, especially for a special assignment

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That last example failed to persuade me of the detachability of act and agent.
Socrates and Jesus provide Lang with two more supposed examples of the detachability thesis.
Again, I doubt that these last are really instances of agent-act detachability.
that what we take to be distinctive about writing as opposed to speech - its iterability, detachability from its source, etc.
The findings support the claims about pragmatic detachability as a motivation for borrowing of DMs.
Matras makes three claims about convergence of discourse-marking systems in language contact that form the essence of his approach: first, the donor language is pragmatically dominant; second, the change leading to convergence is not only gradual but also gradational; third, there is a hierarchy of pragmatic detachability, and those DMs that are at the top of the hierarchy (i.
3) is rainfall detachability (Hairsine and Rose 1991; Misra and Rose 1996), [Phi] (m/s) is depositability, P (mm/h) is rainfall intensity, [Epsilon] represents the error term, and [Lambda] is a binary variable assuming 0 or 1 depending on whether rainfall-driven erosion processes are considered or not.
In fact, as shown in Table 2, the rainfall detachability a in Eqn 1 was estimated to be 0 even if the rainfall term is included.
Also, how `detachable' and how `transportable' soil particles are requires independent consideration because some soil characteristics, especially soil texture, affect detachability and transportability in different ways.
Clearly, where thin water films are present, rainsplash efficacy will depend not only on factors of rainfall erosivity and soil detachability, but also on a series of parameters associated with water film characteristics and sediment fluxes within them.