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Synonyms for desultory

Synonyms for desultory

without aim, purpose, or intent

having no particular pattern, purpose, organization, or structure

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marked by lack of definite plan or regularity or purpose

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Fielding's influence shows also in the free-and-easy picaresque structure of his plots; though this results also in part from his desultory method of composition.
That he was a desultory tentative student of something and everything might only have been predicted of him.
From five to seven every afternoon, scorning the attractions of the band outside and the generally festive air which pervaded the great tea rooms, he sat at the corner of the bar upon an article of furniture which resembled more than anything else an office stool, dividing his attention between desultory conversation with any other gentleman who might be indulging in a drink, and watching the billiards in which some of his compatriots were usually competing.
The first time the latter and I were alone together, after that unhappy evening, was an hour or two after breakfast on the following day, when the gentlemen were gone out, after the usual time spent in the writing of letters, the reading of newspapers, and desultory conversation.
He engaged him in desultory conversation as if for the only purpose of keeping a man who could provoke such a sound, near his person.
It was only then that Captain Anthony turned, looked at the place they had vacated and resumed his tramping, but not his desultory conversation with his second officer.
Miss Bates had just done as Patty opened the door; and her visitors walked upstairs without having any regular narration to attend to, pursued only by the sounds of her desultory goodwill.
Second feature by writer-director Semih Kaplanoglu ("Away From Home") is perfect feat fare for auds who like introverted, dysfunctional characters in arty, desultory situations.
In short, rather than an opportunity to encounter preciou s objects, the show was a form of acknowledgment and promotion, a chance for people who have missed the weekly strips and bound anthologies to be infected by Katchor's strange, desultory genius.
MacMillan pays tribute to the sacred and secular (especially clown) portraits of fellow Catholic Rouault, opening with a desultory melody on the Swell manual's flute stop, followed by a piercingly brash line on the Positiv's cromorne stop.
Most of the text is taken up with Cruz's desultory conversation with a copyist who claims to have reproduced the portrait for an Arnerican first lady.
Vanessa Paradis' new film is a desultory and pretentious exercise in existential noodling which aims for profound but winds up plain peculiar.
I've never attached much credence to desultory applause that players offer, either after a game or when they're substituted.
But the imbalance between the hallucinatory and the desultory has been a constant in Lynch's work--and a nagging source of frustration.
Forecast for this desultory item is gloomy indeed, with prospects of playoff action as freaky as the climactic SoCal snowfall from which title is derived.